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It’s Been Too Long…

In Me Likey, Musically Me, Video Post on May 20, 2009 at 6:36 am

Yo Wassaaaapppp!! Apa Kabar?

Yeah I know it’s been too long since I last posted anything in here.  I’m kinda busy working and stuff, so I don’t really have any energy left to spill thoughts or whatevs.  I wanted to make a comeback as the 8th American Idol started, but it got delayed because of the workload -I ain’t complainin’, I’m just reportin’ here.  LOL.  And I was so pissed that Danny Gokey didn’t make the finals.  The Adam Lambert – Kris Allen finals reminds me a lot to the Jordin Sparks – Blake Lewis bruhaha.  Melinda Doolittle and Danny Gokey… I will love you both always.

Well enuf of ‘reality’ television shit, let’s get on to the thing that made me break my long hiatus.  It’s a string of videos featured on YouTube frontpage as of today, and they were posted by a super talented Malaysian girl, Zee Avi, or probably better known for her YouTube nickname: KokoKaina.  Zee is fantastic, and her first single is now available on iTunes.  Here’s one of her original songs that I now consider my favorite.  Enjoy, people 🙂

I think her voice has mixture of Billie Holiday’s ‘weight’, Doris Day’s friendliness and Eartha Kitt’s sultriness.  But that’s just me.  What about you?

*ps. I sent Zee a message in YouTube. Hope she reads how much I dig her sound! 😀