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No Regrets, Just Lesson Learned… Indeed!

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Hope you all are blessed with a happy and prosperous year ahead!  Cheers!



In Image Post on December 28, 2007 at 1:25 am

Hey I just realized I haven’t posted anything here about Christmas. So here’s my Christmas set from Polyvore. Merry Christmas everybody! 😀

Finally, A Good Race.

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on December 28, 2007 at 1:15 am

I know I haven’t said the best things about the second season of The Amazing Race Asia, but tonight after watching the Japan-Korea episode since last week, I am very glad to finally smile and say…


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Beyatch-Splat! On Polyvore :D

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Polyvore Whore In The Making

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Newest addiction, loving it, crazy about it… and can’t stop tinkering with it. However, here’s the first attempt. Still got a lot to learn here. Seriously.

A Season Of Quitters

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on December 14, 2007 at 1:15 pm

‘Tis the season to be moody… fa la la la la la la la laaaa!

I watched the newest episode of The Amazing Race Asia last night while having dinner.  It was a scrumptious and delicious one indeed.

The dinner, I mean.

The competition itself… not so much.

You can read about the whole episode here.  I am just going to jot down some of my opinions.

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The World Is MAD

In Daily Annoyance, Eyesore, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on December 13, 2007 at 12:22 pm

I never liked it when I actually watch or read serious news.  It made me sad, depressed and disgusted ever so often.

It was quite a bummer to see Basuki, the comedian, died so suddenly out of a heart-attack.

But then I was faced with the most offending news ever in RCTI’s Bulletin Siang.  The handsome anchor delivered a news about a container, stuck at Tanjung Priok, filled with USED CONDOMS from Germany.  Not only that, they actually filmed what’s inside the container.  It made me sick.  How can they release such news ON LUNCHTIME?  To add the nausea factor, they even portrayed facts about how these used condoms are used for ladies’ hairbands.  Tsk.  RCTI.  Thank you for getting rid of my appetite.  You suck.

Aside from the icky news,

I found it really disgusting that what we wear on our HEADS were once used as contraceptive tools.  God knows where they’ve been and how.

It’s funny how a drunken one night stand can end up making you look pretty.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days God get bored with human beings’ antics and decides to pull the plug so the earth stops spinning and doomsday will finally arrive.

The world is getting ridiculously mad.

Big Girl, Are You Beautiful?

In Daily Annoyance on December 10, 2007 at 1:08 pm

I’m intoxicated by Mika’s song titled ‘Big Girl You Are Beautiful’.  But then the question remains… is big really beautiful for girls?

I was born with a tendency to baloon up whenever I don’t exercise, and I do LOVE to eat.  Although compared to the likes of Queen Latifah and Pretty Asmara I’m quite small, I still consider myself as ‘big’.  Big as in whenever I stroll around the nearest ITC shopping complex, the loud salespersons would yell out “Ada ukurannya nih kak!” or loosely translated as “Hey we have YOUR size!”  which has a hidden “You are fatter than our regular customers but we feel sorry for you so we provide a limited selection of clothes that would PROBABLY fit you” meaning.  And yeah, as many would have guessed, the clothes usually don’t fit.

That is appalling, I must say.

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This Blog Matters (?)

In Miund's News on December 9, 2007 at 9:53 pm

A blog buddy, Anita, told me that this blog is listed in IndonesiaMatters’ Top 100 Indonesian Blogs.  She congratulated me and I thank her now.  Thank you, Anita.

As you might have suspected, I am not really a fan of ranks.  I boldly said so here.

But thank you regardless for IndonesiaMatters, for taking the time and effort to list down blogs with enough traffic to make it on the list.  It always amazes me how people can be so diligent in doing these sort of things.  Especially those blokes on E! Channel with their entertaining 101 lists that I watch from time to time, especially at the gym.

Anyway, this blog does matter to me.  But to other people?  I have no idea.  Afterall, I talk about shite stuff, and judging by the number 90 position… I am glad that most people are still sane enough to not read shite.  HAHHAHAHAKAAHKKK!

Oh yeah, congrats (is it really a congratulatory moment, I wonder) to my fellow bloggers who made the list as well: Mr. Bleu, Mr. Anima, Ms. Jennie, Mr. Unspun, Mr. IndCoup and Mr. Jakartass.  Well these are the blogs I frequently hop.  The rest, not so much.  So there.

Now if you all would excuse me, I’m feeling very drowsy.


Indonesia GONE Already?

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on December 9, 2007 at 9:26 pm

It’s not fair for people at AXN and ActiveTV if I don’t keep my promise to post my thoughts about The Amazing Race Asia after bitching so much about the contestant lineup.  So after a so-called ‘temporary hiatus’, I am back now.  Full forced and recharged.  Yeah work have been a bitch, but the bitch pays the bills.  What can I say.

Anyway yeah, let’s just start with the first episode.

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