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What I Truly Understand…

In Uncategorized on February 5, 2009 at 5:39 am

…is that I will never settle for mediocrity.

There I said it.

*and as luck would have it, I get stuck with mediocre minds almost all the time*



Beyond My Comprehension

In Randomness on February 5, 2009 at 5:36 am

I just couldn’t understand…

…how some people get pissed because they could not peek at some other people’s lives.
…how some people can be so freaking ignorant.
…how some people expects some people to be funny at all times.
…how some people thinks some people have no other lives beyond the internet.
…why they haven’t called. It’s sick. It’s like I’m a pre-teen girl waiting for a freaking call after a first date.
…why it’s been raining all the time these days.
…why I couldn’t find the desire to write in this blog -or in fact do ANYTHING- whenever it hits below 25°.

What I do understand is…

…that the American Idol season has begun and that means my Wednesdays and Thursdays are off limits.
…that I’ve forgotten how fun dancing can be!
…that I’m sick of Jakarta but stuck in it.
…the meaning of SMH. FINALLY! LOL!
…that I’ve been waiting for that call.  That VERY important call. *sigh*
…that I’m prepared to drop everything if I do get that call.
…that Plurk amuses me more than anything.

But what is beyond my comprehension is…

…it’s only the beginning of February and it already feels like a year have passed.

I’ve been hangin’ out in the real world too much. Or haven’t I? SMH.