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In Ultimate Sarcasm on April 4, 2008 at 1:42 pm

The more I blog, the more I get comments.  Sometimes hate comments.

My friends say now that I have got “enemies”, I could say I’m on top of the game.

And I say amen to that.



Today’s Riddle

In Daily Annoyance, My American Idol Addiction, Ultimate Sarcasm on March 21, 2008 at 1:12 am

“Who are they gonna sacrifice next?”

First it was Hernandez.  Now Overmyer.

Will it be Smithson?  Will it be White?  God forbid it’ll be Archuleta.  Castro might survive, Johns… maybe.  Mercado was there once, so no guarantee she’ll be safe in the future.  Malubay sucks when the tempo picks up, but she’s prolly gonna be safe as long as she quits wearing those icky mom jeans -the height this week is outrageous.  Eze… well the show has to have a brother until like… top 5, so he’s prolly safe for the time being.   Cook knows he’s awesome and a lot of people probably do too.  His cockiness reminded me of our very own Ahmad Dhani.  Wait, his face too.  Well whatever, he’s gonna be safe, methinks.

So there Kristy Lee Cook, feel free to choose your next protective shield and keep on ruining great songs.  From the way things are rolling right now, I’d say if you keep doing that… you’ll make it to the top 3.  And you’ll make history too.

As the first ever Idol with absolutely no talent.

Have a great daaayyy 😀

The World Is MAD

In Daily Annoyance, Eyesore, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on December 13, 2007 at 12:22 pm

I never liked it when I actually watch or read serious news.  It made me sad, depressed and disgusted ever so often.

It was quite a bummer to see Basuki, the comedian, died so suddenly out of a heart-attack.

But then I was faced with the most offending news ever in RCTI’s Bulletin Siang.  The handsome anchor delivered a news about a container, stuck at Tanjung Priok, filled with USED CONDOMS from Germany.  Not only that, they actually filmed what’s inside the container.  It made me sick.  How can they release such news ON LUNCHTIME?  To add the nausea factor, they even portrayed facts about how these used condoms are used for ladies’ hairbands.  Tsk.  RCTI.  Thank you for getting rid of my appetite.  You suck.

Aside from the icky news,

I found it really disgusting that what we wear on our HEADS were once used as contraceptive tools.  God knows where they’ve been and how.

It’s funny how a drunken one night stand can end up making you look pretty.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days God get bored with human beings’ antics and decides to pull the plug so the earth stops spinning and doomsday will finally arrive.

The world is getting ridiculously mad.

To Whom It May Concern

In Ultimate Sarcasm on November 12, 2007 at 12:01 pm

I don’t like being angry.  So I retracted the previous post because I hate my blog adorned by swearwords.  But the message is clear.  I don’t welcome stupid people in this blog.

Good day to all.

This Movie Suck Ass.

In Entertainment, Eyesore, Reviews, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on October 18, 2007 at 3:21 pm

This confirms my hatred towards the wanting-to-be-sophisticated-but-fails “festival” movie.  I’m not much of a film festival goer, because the experience was almost always traumatizing.  The only times I was actually entertained in a movie festival was when I went to see Amelie and The Royal Tannenbaums.  The latter is probably because I have an undying love of Ben Stiller’s comedy aside from Rob Schneider’s and Adam Sandler’s.  To me, movies are supposed to be entertaining and not depressing.

Well I’m a Hollywood comedy freak so I know there will be a lot of people who are going to really disagree with me, maybe even say that I’m just plain shallow.  Ah who cares, I’m still gonna trash this movie anyway.  And yes, with bloody spoilers, of course.

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On Being Pathetic

In Daily Annoyance, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on October 16, 2007 at 4:44 pm

Right.  While we are being somewhat enraged thus awaken the bitchiness that had been kept nicely for quite some time now, I want to say something else.

So aside from this blog which I classify as my English trash bin for my thoughts, I also host another blog in Indonesian which… is not much of a difference, really.  And I’ve written cynical observations about how people behave when they’re infatuated (“in love” would be so overrated) with other people.  Most of my Indonesian blog buddies read it and laugh as I intended them to… but I found (pardon my language here) very sad and pathetic searches from Google in my dashboard, that people actually look for tips on flirting and how to interpret signals from their objects of desire.

Seriously, boys and girls!

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School Sucks (?)

In Daily Annoyance, Questions, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on June 20, 2007 at 12:07 am

Okay, don’t be alarmed by the title of this post. Am just trying to copy the ways of tabloids in getting people to the edge of their seats here.

Now, the real matter.

I read this just now and was truly appalled.

What’s happening with Indonesia these days? First it was the natural disasters, political stupidities *yeah we got a lot of these since God knows when*… and now (pardon my language) stupid students? Haven’t this country suffered enough?

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Sinfully Single

In Daily Annoyance, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on May 10, 2007 at 12:24 am

“Well we will be doing this and this, and also a little of these as treatments to the show”
“I see.  Are you married, young lady?”

Caught off-guard.

“No, Ma’am.  Is there any problem?”
“Well you see, I don’t think you can well-understand the show if you aren’t married and do not have a child of your own”

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