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In Questions, Randomness, Reviews on October 6, 2008 at 1:32 am

I don’t really get people’s enthusiasm over the new mall FX.  To me, the inside is labyrinth-like, you can’t go to the place you wanna go without having to make unnecessary detours.  Layout-wise it’s kinda annoying.  And what’s up with the ‘dangerous’ slide?  Aaannnddd… why would one want to hold a meeting in aquarium-like ‘meeting rooms’?  Sure it’s meant to see and be seen, but why would you want to be seen when you’re in a meeting?  Why would you want people to see you when you normally don’t want any disturbance when doing a meeting?  Isn’t that a contradictive concept?



The Science Of Bad Movies

In Entertainment, Reviews, Sarcasm on September 22, 2008 at 5:24 am

Remember this review?

Well I just watched a similarly terrible movie on Saturday, titled: Babylon A.D., starring Vin Diesel.

Okay, by now you’re probably saying: “That’s what you get watching a Vin Diesel movie.”  Truthfully, the global warming made me watch.  Jakarta was literally the melting pot (read: everything could melt) due to the heat that day, and I needed somewhere cool to go.  What could be cooler than the XXI cinemas air conditioners?  Hence the movie, because we (me and le boyfriend) missed Hellboy.  The nearest movie was Babylon A.D. and we proceeded, ignoring the huge possibility of the movie being awful as we saw Vin Diesel on the poster.  As long as we can find A.C, we’ll watch A.D.


I’m not gonna rewrite the plot here.  I’m just gonna type my observation of how to avoid or to make the most out of watching bad movies after several experiences, including especially the most traumatic one: Sunshine.

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Eat Pray Love. Really?

In Reviews on August 4, 2008 at 11:21 pm

This is my personal thoughts on a book I just read. Spoiler alert.

I’ve come to believe that Oprah Winfrey is indeed responsible for (mostly American) women’s lifestyle. And as a TV addict (I’m not allowed to say professional anymore, because I don’t work in TV now), I find her power very amazing indeed.

But in the end as I don’t work in TV anymore, I often forgot that Oprah’s power is used not only to empower and inspire women of all ages, but to turn garbage into bestsellers. She has the ultimate mystique to even sell ice to eskimos. And hats off to Oprah for that.

Yesterday I have been a victim of her so-called superpower.

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Not-So-Secret Service

In Entertainment, Giggle To This!, Questions, Reviews, Silly Posts on March 30, 2008 at 1:17 am

“I don’t get why the secret service is called ‘secret service’. To me, standing behind the president all the time to be seen by lots of people doesn’t seem like a secret”
“I mean, come on.  They all wear the same suits, same sunglasses, same earpieces… they are nowhere near secretive”
“Well they are not secretive.  Their missions are”
“Whatever, I think they should be named something else.  Say ‘President’s Guards’ or something.  That’s at least what our country does rightly”
“In general, they are doing something secretive.  Thus the secret service”
“Okay, what do those guys do.  Tell me.”
“Protect the president”
“You know that?  I thought it was supposed to be a secret mission!”
“Baby, I gotta pee.”

And so he made a beeline to the toilet, and I was there, now thinking about how those secret service guys should act, if they wanna pee during their guarding session.

All this because of watching Vantage Point.  Brilliant storytelling, very simple story, a bit boring in the middle but a hell lot of action.

Loved it!

Looking For A Bulls**t Job

In Reviews on February 6, 2008 at 2:50 pm

Right.  Sometimes I dream of doing nothing but getting a lot of money.  Like DUH!  That is the dream of every red-blooded employee on the planet.

In the midst of my search for these so-called ‘dream jobs’, I stumbled upon this fabulous book:  100 Bullshit Jobs… And How To Get Them by Stanley Bing.  Man, it’s a really funny read.  The part I love the most is the conclusion chapter.  I’m not telling what it is, but it’s really enlightening.  Bing’s sharp look at corporate and (non) corporate life tickled my funny bones and got me nodding all the way through the book.  What do AROMATHERAPISTS do, exactly?  Or MARRIAGE COUNSELORS who, by Bing’s calculations, usually succeed in driving their clients towards divorces rather than reconcilliations.  Among the funniest was when I read that “Being Donald Trump” requires a 200 level of BS with a downside of: People making fun of your beautiful ORANGE hair.  Hilarious.  Hilarious indeed.

You can visit the author’s internet home here.  In case you haven’t heard of him, he’s also the guy who wrote Sun Tzu Was A Sissy.  Okay, I’m gonna get my hands on that one too.

This Movie Suck Ass.

In Entertainment, Eyesore, Reviews, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on October 18, 2007 at 3:21 pm

This confirms my hatred towards the wanting-to-be-sophisticated-but-fails “festival” movie.  I’m not much of a film festival goer, because the experience was almost always traumatizing.  The only times I was actually entertained in a movie festival was when I went to see Amelie and The Royal Tannenbaums.  The latter is probably because I have an undying love of Ben Stiller’s comedy aside from Rob Schneider’s and Adam Sandler’s.  To me, movies are supposed to be entertaining and not depressing.

Well I’m a Hollywood comedy freak so I know there will be a lot of people who are going to really disagree with me, maybe even say that I’m just plain shallow.  Ah who cares, I’m still gonna trash this movie anyway.  And yes, with bloody spoilers, of course.

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The May Lee Show: Maybe.

In Entertainment, Girl Talk, Image Post, Reviews, TV Talk on June 14, 2007 at 11:31 pm

May LeeI’ve watched The May Lee Show a couple of times now.  Love the concept, love the messages it sent and as an Asian woman, I really dig how the show tries to feature fantastic women from the region.  I really had high expectations seeing their promo on Star World.


As a viewer, I don’t feel very ‘entertained’ and often flick channels when things get really… s l o w.  I just feel that something is still missing from this show.  When I discussed this with some friends (none of them works for TV), they said May Lee has no personality.  I totally disagree.  She’s smart, knows what she’s talking about and obviously inspiring.  But her personality is very strong sometimes I think that she has to tone things down a little and be more relaxed.  I mean, she looks pretty ‘serious’ for a talkshow host… and the setting of the show isn’t meant to be Larry King-ish so she should lighten up a bit.

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Midnight Finds

In Giggle To This!, Randomness, Reviews on June 13, 2007 at 3:04 am

Staying up late has its perks. Tonight I got two great things:

1. An express translating job from a fellow YM-er.
2. A ridiculously funny blog that probably is aimed to kick the rich in their groins. Looking at their logo and their excessive use of highty-mighty language, I am pretty sure they’re doing a parody of a somewhat famous publication hahahakahakhakhakkk!!! Dang, if their ‘feature’ stories are this funny, I really can’t wait for their ‘society page’. Aces to the owners!

Man. I’ve been laughing way too much. Time for bed.


Annoying Song of The Day

In Daily Annoyance, Entertainment, Musically Me, Reviews, Sarcasm on June 12, 2007 at 2:41 pm

Have you ever heard something so mind-blowingly annoying?

Well I have, and am forced to listen for the past three days because it’s practically ear-fucking everybody nowadays whether they like it or not.

… Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella
You can stand under my Umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

Hello songwriters everywhere! Come on dude, a voice like Rihanna’s, a look like her… man, she deserves MORE than just an ‘eh-eh-ehing’ sound in her song!

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Eyesore Tonight

In Eyesore, Fashion Police, Image Post, Reviews, Silly Posts on May 11, 2007 at 1:48 am

And when I thought the world is beginning to wake-up and finally smell the moth balls from the seventies… a new trend begins and it’s nowhere near good.

Behold, the cheaply-imitated, confusingly-created and mind-blowingly-disturbing… “VICTORIAN-INSPIRED” top.

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