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I don’t really get people’s enthusiasm over the new mall FX.  To me, the inside is labyrinth-like, you can’t go to the place you wanna go without having to make unnecessary detours.  Layout-wise it’s kinda annoying.  And what’s up with the ‘dangerous’ slide?  Aaannnddd… why would one want to hold a meeting in aquarium-like ‘meeting rooms’?  Sure it’s meant to see and be seen, but why would you want to be seen when you’re in a meeting?  Why would you want people to see you when you normally don’t want any disturbance when doing a meeting?  Isn’t that a contradictive concept?



Is It Really?

In Questions on April 1, 2008 at 9:58 pm

Read this somewhere:

“Worrying is like sitting on a rocking chair. It keeps you busy but doesn’t get you anywhere”

Is it really?

Not-So-Secret Service

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“I don’t get why the secret service is called ‘secret service’. To me, standing behind the president all the time to be seen by lots of people doesn’t seem like a secret”
“I mean, come on.  They all wear the same suits, same sunglasses, same earpieces… they are nowhere near secretive”
“Well they are not secretive.  Their missions are”
“Whatever, I think they should be named something else.  Say ‘President’s Guards’ or something.  That’s at least what our country does rightly”
“In general, they are doing something secretive.  Thus the secret service”
“Okay, what do those guys do.  Tell me.”
“Protect the president”
“You know that?  I thought it was supposed to be a secret mission!”
“Baby, I gotta pee.”

And so he made a beeline to the toilet, and I was there, now thinking about how those secret service guys should act, if they wanna pee during their guarding session.

All this because of watching Vantage Point.  Brilliant storytelling, very simple story, a bit boring in the middle but a hell lot of action.

Loved it!

Heading Towards a Boring Future? Hm.

In Imagination Gone Amok, Questions, Randomness, Silly Posts on October 21, 2007 at 3:29 am

So let’s just say I had to read (too) many stuff about inventions lately. I couldn’t help but think: wow, people from the past were really smart. They actually invented something. Whereas we, the ones living in the so-called ‘future’, got stuck in ‘developing’ their inventions. This fact disturbed me so much that I’ve just got to spill it out to my boyfriend. Below are excerpts from our way too long discussion about this particular matter (and other stuff too). Oh, and may I remind you… every time me and him talk about these sort of things, it always develops to something really really stupid.

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A Voluntary Post

In Questions, Randomness on August 16, 2007 at 4:06 am

Got involved into a conversation which ultimately ended in a very subtle job offer.   The job itself is BEYOND my imagination of what a job should be.  Let’s just say it’s for a ‘non-profit organization’.

That’s not what I am about to question.

The chat went on and on and finally numbers came up and I was close to having a heart attack.  It was rather huge.   No, wait, it was huge.

As I drove home, thoughts came popping inside my head like crazy.  I was suddenly in an urgent need of having a new definition for the concept of ‘volunteering’.  When I was in school, teachers taught me that ‘volunteering’ is something you do without getting paid.  If you get some money, then it’s your luck.  If you don’t, well… it is volunteer work.  I’ve never heard of leading a fabulous lifestyle BY doing volunteer work.  When your life is already fabulous (read:  similar to Angelina Jolie’s or Madonna’s), then it’s understandable for you to go on a real volunteer work, even donate loads of cash to whatever cause wherever it is.  That’s my understanding of ‘volunteering’.

But I was wrong.  Totally wrong, if I may say.

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Tonight’s Wonder

In Questions, Randomness, Silly Posts on July 12, 2007 at 1:52 am

Will not tell on how I got into writing this, will not disclose who where what or why, I just NEED to write this.

So let’s just say I hung out at a place I don’t usually hang out in.  And let’s just say I was there coincidentally.  And when I was there, I see a lot of beautiful young girls old-looking ‘exotic’ women who look a lot like trannies with saggy boobs held up by push up bras, hanging on to grinding their partners -most of the men are in their forties-.  I was trying so hard NOT to be judgemental, but all hell broke loose as I said to my friend:

“Are they… you know… ‘professionals’?”

My friend looked at me and said with a wicked grin:


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Dancing Dream

In Questions, Randomness on June 28, 2007 at 9:06 pm

It’s that time of the year again when your body suddenly aches, and your throat is suddenly sore you’d think it’ll gather enough mucus to spit the next morning but it didn’t and you ended up hurting it more than you should by trying to spit out ‘nothing’.

Enough gross talk.

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School Sucks (?)

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Okay, don’t be alarmed by the title of this post. Am just trying to copy the ways of tabloids in getting people to the edge of their seats here.

Now, the real matter.

I read this just now and was truly appalled.

What’s happening with Indonesia these days? First it was the natural disasters, political stupidities *yeah we got a lot of these since God knows when*… and now (pardon my language) stupid students? Haven’t this country suffered enough?

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Fashion Questions

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Tagging myself from her blog.  Yeah Cha, I’m a fashion whore, what can I say?  HAHA!

Definition of your fashion style
I let people define it for me because if it’s rather indulgent to describe it myself.

Your favorite fashion items
Little black dresses.  Can’t have enough of them.

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Ask Away

In Questions, Reviews on October 16, 2006 at 4:15 pm

I introduced myself to Yahoo! Answers today and boy, was I amused.

Whoever thought of this idea in the first place must be a genius… or, like me, they had thousands of -some might think- silly questions that needed to be answered just for the sake of it. It reminded me to post of some of my silly and embarrassing questions I had when I was little. But because I used up my asking quota for the day, I have put some of those questions here and go back there tomorrow. Here goes…

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