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Beyatch-Splat! On Polyvore :D

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Heading Towards a Boring Future? Hm.

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So let’s just say I had to read (too) many stuff about inventions lately. I couldn’t help but think: wow, people from the past were really smart. They actually invented something. Whereas we, the ones living in the so-called ‘future’, got stuck in ‘developing’ their inventions. This fact disturbed me so much that I’ve just got to spill it out to my boyfriend. Below are excerpts from our way too long discussion about this particular matter (and other stuff too). Oh, and may I remind you… every time me and him talk about these sort of things, it always develops to something really really stupid.

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The Story of Moody 2

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Moody tilted her head, confused, “I know you are rich from cutting down trees, Mr. Funny. But what do you mean?”

Mr. Funny shook his head. “Oh Moody, you are just the girl I know back then. All naive and clueless. I want you to work for me.”

Moody’s eyes lit up for a second, but she looked at Mr. Funny with a questioning face, “Work for you? What will I do? Don’t you do your work alone?”

Mr. Funny then explained that he had just been hired by a furniture factory to create furnitures. Therefore, he needed Moody to help him design the furnitures. Moody thought for a second and said, “Well that does sound interesting. Can you give me some time to think?” Mr. Funny said, “I’ll give you a week, Moody. And remember, I’m going to pay you with real money. Not much, maybe, but real. You are tired of bags of peanuts, aren’t you?”

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The Story of Moody

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Once upon a time, lived a girl called Moody.

Moody is a girl who can’t just sit doing nothing, so she decided to work. She applied to work for Mr. Freebie, a very rich man with hundreds of business. Mr. Freebie hired Moody as a cigarette wrapper in his tobacco company, and paid her with a bag of peanuts every single day. “You have to work hard, Moody, because if you do… I’ll promote you to be a supervisor in the factory and I will pay you with three bags of peanuts everyday if I do,” Mr. Freebie said one day. Moody obeyed Mr. Freebie and worked as hard as she could, wrapping the cigarettes furiously to exceed her daily targets.

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A Thought On DJs’ Thoughts

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Ampun DiJeeee!This conversation happened somewhere in 2004 through MSN Messenger.

+  “So what do you do in your spare time?”
–  “Oh I go to clubs and DJ”
+  “REALLY?  You don’t sound like a DJ”
–  “What does a DJ sound like?”
+ “I don’t know.  Do you seriously DJ?”
–  “Yeah.”
+ “So what’s your stage name?  Do you have one?”
–  “Yeah I do.  It’s DJ B****M”

That DJ friend of mine and I are dating right now.  Haven’t seen him perform just yet, but I am indeed curious.

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The Higher-Ups

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There are three things I never fully ‘get’ in this life:

1. Death
2. Love
3. The Higher-Ups

I’m shutting my mouth for the first two because nobody could ever give me a satisfactory answer when I ask questions like: “What really happens after death?” or “loving somebody too much: could it really kill?”. That is why I’m just going to ponder on the last subject. Read the rest of this entry »

Would You Rather…

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… have a tail or a pair of horns?
… have a unibrow or be furry?
… have three eyes or four ears?
… be extra tall or extra short?
… spit when you talk or sweat mercilessly doing nothing?
… have fins to swim or wings to fly?

Just some random thoughts before bed. I would rather…

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Not For The Weak-Hearted

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I just got back from a movie date with my honey. He was gorgeous as he’s always been, dinner was good as expected, the strolling around was intimate as usual…

… but the movie sucked ass.

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Talks From Inside The Earth

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If there is one guy who can make me laugh even when I’m having a serious tootache, it’s gotta be my darling. Observe our ‘scientific’ discussion.

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Curing Insomnia, My Way

In Imagination Gone Amok on November 16, 2006 at 2:38 am

Oh well, here I am feeling so fucking bored.

I was up late last night, yes that goddamn insomnia again, and I decided to call my best friend Wenni. She sounded so very sleepy and I only said this to her: “Get yourself ready, no need to pack. My driver will pick you up and we’re going to Singapore. Bye.” Twenty minutes later, we were seated comfortably on my dad’s jet. “Miund, what are we going to do there?” Wenni asked. I sipped my hot chocolate, stared out the plane window and shrugged. “Whatever. I’m bored with Jakarta.”

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