Another Version Of…

In Uncategorized on November 28, 2008 at 1:23 am

Disclaimer:  Call me a YouTube freak, I don’t care, because these days… aside from crappy TV, this is about the only form of entertainment closest to my reach.  I’m about to post another video containing only a song.

God knows I love this song, He might also know that I’m a bit obsessed.

I listened to all its version… from James Moody’s to Elliott Yamin’s, yet my smile is still wider than a clown’s when I found this version.  I never liked Amy Winehouse’s appearance with her huge conehead hair, but I gotta say… after listening to “Rehab” and “Love Is A Losing Game” over and over on the radio for the past year… and now THIS… I just gotta gotta gotta buy the CD and won’t allow anybody to touch it.

So to all jazz fans, here’s a funkier rendition of Moody’s Mood For Love.  Take it away, Wino!

  1. This one is my fave 😉 So cool.
    I love the one by Phil Perry earlier, but this one knocks me out :p

    You can also find it in “Luxury” Album, a nice compilation.

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