Guess Where She’s Really From!

In Giggle To This!, Me Likey, Video Post on November 24, 2008 at 3:00 am

My friend from the land down under sent me this video and until today, I can’t guess where this girl is really from and I’m still blown away with her ability to keep a straight face.  Check it out peeps!

Great eh? 😀

*update: I ended up watching almost all of her videos on YouTube and fell in love with her talent!  Amy Walker is from the United States.  Check out her YouTube channel here, and her website here.  I am entertained!  Ms. Walker, you are fabulous 😀

  1. that friend of yours from down under got it form me hahaha (i guess) but yea i love her talent, especialle the “trans-atlantic 1950s accent” shazame-ly amazing!!

  2. Agree with you, she’s amazing!…

  3. i want to hear her do the Singlish version!

  4. stella: wow indeed 😉

    bebe: YEA! and that little friend of ours from down under claimed that she can do better accents than Amy Walker. PHAH! HAHAHAKHKAHK!

    ecky: she is, isn’t she 😉

    J Van Thiel: nobody does Singlish better than you, J. HAHAHAHHAHAHHKHK!

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