(Too Much) Frustration At TARA 3

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on October 10, 2008 at 5:50 am

Yeah yeah so I missed posting on last week’s race, so what.  I watched it and I could understand why the Indian dad got so frustrated with the car and the Malaysian girl cried like crazy when she had to eat all those stinky tofu.

Maybe I would quit if I were them.  There and then.

But as much frustrating tasks as there were, this week started interesting with the Malaysian friends, Ida and Tania, who went first to the Sony Store and was frustrated like hell in search of the correct blu-ray CDs (nice product embedding here, producers!) for their clue.  And I love how Sam & Vince got all bold in the fast forward.  Nice tattoos dudes.  I am against sticking myself with needles except when I’m sick and the doctor tells me to get an injection, but if I could get a free tattoo AND the first place at an Amazing Race Asia round, I would say: ‘Stick a needle in me, I’m done’.  At least I got a good souvenir from the race.

Speaking of souvenirs, it was very interesting to watch how the hatred towards Geoff is growing amongst the team.  I could see the hate in Tania’s eyes when Geoff asked her to show the coin she dug out of the coal.  Seriously, I can’t wait for another drama next week.  Am just wondering whether Geoff and Tish are ‘so over’ after the race or still cuddly dudly.  In a sense, I admire Tish for just keeping cool after how this bald dude treated her.  I could never do that, though.  Geoff would soooo be eating his own balls if he were my team mate.

There’s an alliance formed between Bernie-Henry and A.D.-Fuzzy and I kinda like the dynamic.  They’re not exactly Mark and Rovilson in terms of ‘camera attitude’, but both teams are fun to watch.  I just love it whenever Bernie tries to keep her emotions down and trying not to sound mad at Henry.  And I love it whenever Henry gets all big-brothery to Bernie.  I wish I have a brother.

The team with no personality, Mai and Oliver, fights like cats and dogs… and eventually lost and got eliminated.  Yeah, I figured they won’t last long.  Not enough drama, not enough personality.  Turns out  Oliver’s very forgettable saccharine-sweet face isn’t really enough for the camera, eh, producers?  And Mai… which one is that again?  See, this post isn’t over and I forgot about her already.

And Allan, my dearest Allan…

Whoever decided to put an old man beside you is a fool, because this week, the sweet old man is cuter than you!  LOL!  Naahh I’m just kidding.  Both of you looked adorable (in a very much less sexual way regarding the old man, though).

Wow, hang on.

Is it just me or the contestants these season aren’t as memorable as the last two seasons?  Because, seriously, I don’t remember talking this much about Allan Wu before!

Heck I don’t care.  As long as dear ol’ Allan is on air, I’m happy.  Even with that Geoff girl yelling at his poor girlfriend.  No, wait, I’m still not happy about that.  Come on Tiiissshhhhh, you can do better than thaaaatt!!!

Want me to hook you up with somebody?  LOL!

  1. Yup they’re not as memorable as the previous season contestans (except Natalie, for me at least). Which I think would encourage the producer to cast (even) more famous faces next season (Siti Nurhaliza ? Krisdayanti ? BCL ? Anyone is possible).

    For now, I’m rooting for Sam and Vince or Tish and Geoff.

  2. mikearmand: LOL. yea who doesn’t remember her? you know i hope there will be more and more celebs featured at TARA. because THAT will eat the producers when they’re asked to do a CELEBRITY race. maybe they’ll bring some peeps from hollywood for that. i’ve truly lost hope on them featuring regular people who doesn’t have connections to the entertainment world. seriously. oh, and for now i’m rooting for bernie and henry… and weirdly, a.d. and fuzzy.

  3. i thought there were too many ‘needle in a haystack’ challenge and sponsors’ products involved in this season. come on,producer!

  4. i dont really like this season, its lack of drama and cute guys haha!

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