The Queens Are Out!

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on September 25, 2008 at 9:53 pm

The thing about The Amazing Race Asia is, they always have a mix between those who really want to win the race and those who are just looking for their 5 minutes of fame.  Oops, sorry.  I meant the thing about TARA 3.  Why?  Because I have never ever heard a team that complains as much as the beauty queens. Especially Natalie, who clearly isn’t TARA material.  First she complained about not being able to change a tyre, and she complained about finding the clues, resulting in a request for a 4 hour penalty. She’s supposed to be a really really annoying pretty-faced brat who always gets her way.

But I thought of something different.

Is there a possibility that Pailin and Natalie are just planted there by the producers to add beauty for the cameras and have all their lines scripted?

I let my mind wander the possibility because this particular team is really over the top in terms of ‘character’.  Come on, checking your make up in burning heat?  Changing oils without a single footage of actually going under the jeep?  Being extra whiny while you can be just whiny and hated by most viewers? I call that amateur acting.  And not a very good one, I must say.

If my questions are answered with ‘No, they are indeed real contestants who sign up for themselves without any tip off from the producers and received no special treatments during the race’, then I really feel sorry for Pailin for having a brat as a partner.  We’ve seen pretty girls doing dirty things in the previous season (remember Paula and Natasha?) who didn’t mind getting down and dirty with mere mortals as opposed to thinking that they’re better than anyone else therefore they don’t deserve being ‘tortured’.

Too bad they get eliminated so early, though.  No more bitching materials after this week.  Dang.

As for the rest of the teams… well, I don’t really like that Geoff guy.  He’s like a maniac.  Let’s see how long Tish bears with him.

And Singaporeans A.D. and Fuzzy are not even funny as they look really tired.

Hong Kong boys Sam and Vince kinda reminded me of Colin and Adrian, but with more emotions which I like better.

Indian pop and son team, Niroo and Kapil cracked me up at the rickshaw challenge right before the pit stop.  Daddy Niroo blabbed to a tired and furious Kapil in a heavy Indian accent and that was really really funny.  There, Russell Peters, I take back my words.  Indian Dads ARE like yours. LOL.

Thai Friends, Mai and Oliver were… wait, I don’t even know they were contestants.  I don’t know, apart from Oliver’s dehydrated moment, these two weren’t visible enough to comment on.  Maybe next week.

Malaysians Ida and Tania reminds me of the first season winners Joe Jer and Zab.  They’re determined and maybe worth rooting for, can’t decide yet.

And last but not least, the team who arrived first on the mat: Bernie and Henry.  I feel sorry for Bernie.  That fall from the rickshaw must really hurt.  But great job on arriving first yet again.

This year I must also comment on Allan Wu’s appearance because the guy is gorgeous.  Wardrobe malfunction should never happen.  Tonight, he was STUNNING with that black tank top.  I don’t normally drool over boys with tank tops as they usually don’t drool over women anyway, but please… ARE YOU BLIND? It’s Allan Wu, for crying out loud!  He can wear a long DRESS if he wants to because me loves him!

All in all, good TV, Mr. McKay.  And you’re right.  It is the toughest race yet.  Hope it gets tougher next week.

Well I guess I’m done here.  Been taking about 1.5 hours off and now it’s back to bloody work.  *cringe*

See ya!

  1. Wow this post is fast

    I really like Natalie n Pailin beauty wise only. They’re definitely not created for this race. Natalie’s created to wave her hand on stage.

    This is not the TOUGHEST race, but THE MOST BRUTAL race ever.

  2. mikearmand: i was live blogging. kinda wanting to make up for the no-post situation a few days back. and yeah, beauty queens should just worry about their tiaras and not go anywhere near tyres. brutal race indeed and i can’t wait for more. 😀

  3. Und, I was laughing my ass off last night when I watch Nathalie… She says she didn’t imagine the race will be like this tough… well helloo…. did you watch the previous seasons or what?? :))

    Feel sorry for Pailin though, she really serious about this race.

  4. ecky: maybe she thought they’ll have body doubles. LOL. after all, this is a ‘reality’ show we’re watching.

  5. all i know is that next year, calon artis and I will make the other teams cry… cos we’re made of steel!! we float like butterflies and sting like bees!!!!!

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