In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on September 25, 2008 at 3:28 pm

I’ve done 2 sinful things to be done by a true TARA fan.

1.  Not paying enough attention when they air the racer’s profile.
2.  Missing episode 1 of the race.

There I said it.  And I blame it all on my sick dedication to work.

But then, I promised myself that I will continue watching episode 3 tonight and THEN write about the show from there on.  I have to admit that it’s kind of a downer to see no teams from Indonesia this year, because as much as I made fun of Kinaryosih and her partner last year, the feeling of the race being close to home was there.

This year?  Not so much, unless I was born a Singaporean, because the wind blows heavily to Singapore this year and if they don’t feature such characters like Fuzzy and A.D. (which I thought were NOT women at first, seriously), I would’ve thought they were playing favorites.  But so far I’m quite happy with the contestants selection albeit the (again) majority of people who are already accustomed to camera.

Can’t say which team I’m gonna root for since I bloody missed the first episode and worked while the racers’ profile is on… but I kinda wanna watch the following teams race it up until the end:

Bernie and Henry from Malaysia.  It’s probably only because Henry bears an eerie resemblance to our famed chef, Barra Pattiradjawane.  Seriously, I thought it was Barra at a glance.  And Henry is a chef.  So Barra, you sure you don’t have a long lost brother there?  LOL.

A.D. and Fuzzie from Singapore. Well aside from their mannish appearance, I wanna watch them because… okay, because I’m not entirely convinced that they’re in fact women.

Niroo and Kapil from India. This is the first parent-child team on TARA.  I would want to watch how an Asian parent relates to his adult kid on camera.  Especially Indian parents.  If they make it well until the race is finished, I would have to say to Russell Peters: “Dude, not ALL Indian dads are like yours!”  HAHAHAHAHAKKK!

Pailin and Natalie from Thailand. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching two pretty “best friends” getting their claws out to one another.  Kinda reminded me of last year’s Aurelia and Sophie.  I love Natalie’s laments from last week’s episode and I quote:  “I only do things if it makes sense, or if there is a reason to do things. Now, I don’t see any reason to be putting myself through this. To me, being dirty is the lowest form of human existence.” Hm.  She sounds like me.  I don’t know what the producers did to make her stay in the race, but I do hope Pailin and Natalie stay until the end, because they are NOT afraid to bitch.  Which is kinda weird for ‘Asians’ in the Amazing Race ‘Asia’.  But it’s cool, hope there will be more good TV.

The rest of the team… yeah well, not so much.  I might change my mind, though.  Will update.

Producers!!  I’d like to say one thing for this season.  Not enough MALE eye candy teams! I miss the likes of Marc & Rovilson or Sahil & Prashant from the previous seasons.   But kudos on the male-looking females, tha dad and son, and the uber bitches.  And thank you thank you thank you for keeping Allan Wu in the show.  He’s my only eye candy this year.  Love him!

Can’t wait for tonight.


Images from the official TARA website and koolcampus.wordpress.com

  1. hurray! I was about to ask why you didn’t write any review on TARA3.
    but now the review is here!
    I’ll keep reading 😀

  2. Yeah I’m still not convinced that A.D and Fuzzie are women.

  3. aldi: as i explained, tons and tons and tons of work to do 😀 but i’m back. hopefully you won’t mind me gushing over allan wu too much this season because the man is lookin’ finer every week! 😀

    mikearmand: i knew you’d think so too! HAHAHAH!

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