In Randomness on September 12, 2008 at 5:52 am

Disclaimer:  Beware of too much estrogen in the following post.

You see, I have something to get off my chest.

You endured the torture of walking or driving past a hair salon and not being able to go in because you were afraid to be tempted to get a trim because you want a long hair so much. You even made a pact with your hairstylist that if she sees you anywhere near a salon, she holds the right to make you BALD and you can’t sue her.

So you turn to spas and spend tons of money just to get ‘salon-like’ treatments without any touching of the hair area and you go home feeling refreshed but denied the mirror because you couldn’t bear the fact that after all the pampering and the massages and the sweet vanilla smell all over you, you still look the SAME as before you go to the goddamn spas.  The worst thing is, you kept doing this on a monthly basis, just so you stay away from hair salons for a freaking year… to get your hair growing peacefully.

And… AAANNNDD… when you finally get the long hair of your dreams, you instantly want to cut it short when you see Christina Applegate’s short curly do, and the urge gets stronger by the second because you HAD it once but never realized it was THAT GOOD!


Oh just you wait. JUST YOU ALL WAIT.

  1. i dare u to do it…..! Then maybe….just maybe, I’ll paint u on canvas…..

  2. J Van Thiel: i somehow sensed that you would be the one to comment on this. i am still torn between throwing all my sacrifices last year and going back to looking like the raggedy miund i was in 2005, only hipper. *sigh* HEEEEEEELLLLPPPPPPP!!!!

  3. one will look slimmer with long hair.

  4. be who u want to be, whenever u want to be….others can only hope to follow….remember only u have the maximum potential of being the most wonderful person u really are!

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