Half Full

In Sarcasm on August 21, 2008 at 11:01 pm

I just don’t get pessimistic people.

It’s like, they don’t get enough drama provided by daily life that they think they need to add some more by whining about how cruel life is treating them and how unfair the world is and how they are NOT able to do many many stuff that are actually DOABLE.

“Why won’t you do that?”
“Nah, that’s not me.  I can’t possibly do that”

What is it with CAN’T?  I am so fucking tempted to ask “Is it ‘CAN’T’ or is it WON’T?”

Why are there always people with half empty glasses, and why are they keep bothering people whose glasses are half full?  And why is it that failure is seen to be the end of the world?  Failure is not the end of the world, it’s a lesson.

Just some stuff I need to get off my chest -and probably slap some people HARD, whatever I don’t care, I’m not Oprah-:

Life is not all the way pretty, but if you can’t find any single positive side of such “mess”, then maybe you don’t deserve to live.  And you might actually be the crap, the worthless peace of meat you think you are.


  1. well said. i think i posted similar thing a while ago. the world is too full of fatalists.

  2. lenje: thanks. how are ya by the way? 😀

  3. exactly, if your life is hard, then tough shit… that means you just have to try harder. just make sure you don’t bump into some self-righteous, cocky individuals… cos that’d be a different story hahah.

  4. bebe: self-righteous people are my entertainment. and usually they’re not as tough as they portray themselves to be. and yeah, that would be a different story. i have some stories of my own in that area. HAHAHAHAKAHKAHKK!

  5. I’d say, let them be. Can you imagine if all the half-emptiers convert to become half-fullers? Some people might lose their jobs because everyone now does most things themselves… 🙂

  6. but as you said over the phone, sugar kills. they’re always attracted to sweet peas like us… they keep coming back HAHAHA.

  7. bleu: word. 😀

    bebe: sugar kills n we give peeps diabetes. hi five.

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