(Un)Conventionally Yours

In Randomness, Silly Posts on July 15, 2008 at 4:47 am

Just had a deep conversation with Mr. J (no, not Jesus) and we spoke about stuff that might not be comprehensive to other beings who probably wouldn’t understand our lingo.  But the thing that got caught on my memory is when we spoke about living in this conventional world.

While some people live with these so-called conventions, some refuse to follow the current and some, like me, are so used to putting one foot inside the conventional river and the other in some unknown mass that spins and twirls like crazy at times.  This mass is probably known to people as ‘looney land’.

I like being able to alternate looney and conventional life.

But then again, after the conversation I figured… have I really been able to do that, or is it all just a mirage?  Maybe I have been submerged in looney land for a long time that got me delusional and thought I was still half-and-half, or maybe I have never even seen looney land and got bored stiff by the conventional waters that I started to fantasize the wonders of beng looney.

The mixture of the long and somewhat wise conversation with Mr. J, the effects of watching Dexter the psycho -thanks to work- and my own thoughts had gotten my mind swirling, wanting to explore more into my own brains.  But the more I try to squeeze out thoughts about this matter, the more I think “Hey, maybe I don’t need to think that hard.”  It’s like a neverending circle.

Why is the human brain designed with so much mystery within the glob?

Do cows think?  Because when I was small, I used to stare at cow brains at the meat section in the supermarket and ask my mom just that question.  If cows do think, then the display of their brains within the refrigerator case is like exposing their thoughts to the world… and yet we never know what went on inside those globs when the cows were alive.


I just re-read this post and even I couldn’t understand what I was saying.  I guess the melatonin works.

Gotta get some sleep.  It’s 4.45 a.m.

Nite nite all!

  1. Hey….cows do think cow’s stuff….which is beyond the conventional human comprehension….

  2. J Van Thiel: and are you suggesting that we are able to comprehend their thoughts? because i have some ideas about it! 😀

  3. This post is neither philosophical nor scientific

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