On 4th of July And Victoria’s Secret

In Randomness on July 5, 2008 at 4:30 am

I never thought I’d like the American Independence Day this much.  Spent tonight not working but on a date with my guy shopping -and I’m not just talking drooling over a dress and trying to get over it when seeing the ridiculous price tag. I meant really shopping (Denny Wirawan should thank me for overpaying for what I bought).  Well I didn’t clean the store, I did back off on that brown dress with a cute large belt, but I did give it some serious thought.


I just finished checking up on work -J. Van Thiel, if you are reading this… yes I still don’t sleep well when I don’t at least take a peek on work even when I’m not supposed to be working.  There I said it.- and am now watching the re-run of Victoria’s Secret fashion show on Star World.  I love the costumes, but there’s one thing I don’t get.

They’re selling only the lingeries, obviously, but what if… somebody is dumb enough to actually get it all wrong and won’t buy their lingerie because they seem to be an outfit on their own and not something you wear underneath your regular clothes?  What if somebody is dumb enough to think “Oh gee, I like the bra, but I don’t think the wing would fit inside my jacket.”  I, in fact, am curious… is there anybody out there who thinks like this?  No, don’t answer it because I’m pretty sure those people don’t even know how to use the computer.

Or were they the ones who invented computers and are way more advanced than we are?

Wow.  I am seriously overwhelmed with these thoughts.

Wipe that expression off your face, it’s 4.23 a.m. and my blood sugar is low.

  1. There are many ways to maintain, or improve, patriotism, aren’t there? Same thing goes to Labor Day, Thanksgivings, and the likes. (I’m assuming discounts here…?)

    I bet there are many guys out there, wishing a lot of dumbs wearing Victoria’s Secret “as-is”… 🙂

  2. bleu: hahaha… well, other ppl’s national days are sometimes advantageous to some other ppl, so yeah, me liking the long weekend. not so much the discounts 😀 and yes i bet there are also many guys out there wishing those lingeries would just shed off the models’ bodies on the runway. thank goodness for those wings then. HAHAHAKHAK! 😀

  3. And you think that the Vic’s Secret show is for the female viewers like you…..geez! And see what you will do when you dont get enough sleep….so go get some sleep!

  4. I definitely can’t wait when people (err… women) start wearing lingeries on street (plus the wings and the bouncing boobs).

    People (women) might be dumb enough someday who knows ?

    Ignorance is not a bliss anymore, dumbness is a bliss

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