Here Fishy Fishy!

In Uncategorized on June 12, 2008 at 12:05 am

So by now you’d probably know my taste for quirky stuff.

Tonight I found something brilliantly idiotic… and I want it real bad.

Your toilet experience will never be the same again.  And before you click ‘read more’… do hang on to your seats.  Presenting, the silliest interior element of the year…

The Fish Tank Toilet

Ah yes, and I will put this in the guest bathroom.  I’m gonna invite friends over for drinks and wait until one of them goes to the bathroom, only to panic.  That would be one hell of a night in! 😀

Thanks for showing me the fabulous site, Mr. Right.  I would be a regular visitor (if not a loyal customer from now on).  You know me so well! 😉

  1. but it looks very nice. cant they just divide the tank into two parts?

  2. i think that’s what it is, stella.

  3. stella: well i don’t know, but they claim that the fishies are safe 😀

  4. so now u know what I want for my 734th birthday next year, right? start saving people…..and i mean it…..start saving people….so many of them to be saved! hahahahaha

  5. issit yodee?
    wow, it’s quite invisible haha
    i hope they ara also easily cleanable
    the regular fish tank is troublesome enough already

  6. Wow that thing is actually cool

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