Night And Day

In Randomness on June 6, 2008 at 4:35 am

“Good night, Asmara.  You have a good rest.  See you tomorrow.”
“And you have a great day!”

Night. Day.  I seriously can’t see the difference nowadays.

No, wait.  I still can.

The thing that confuses me a lot is how my ‘yesterday’ is still their ‘today’.

Wow.  I wonder what’s gonna happen if the world isn’t round.

Thank God my boss is on world time. 😀

  1. my dear earthling….
    if your world (or earth to be precise) isn’t round, you will still be on the flip side of your boss….for as long as the flat earth is rotating on its axis….get it?
    i know it is hard for earth brains to sometimes match us aliens….it’s alright though cos we understand your limitations….

  2. J Van Thel: and the REAL question is: why do i keep ending up with bosses from outer space? if you guys really want me, you should’ve just beamed me up, or at least tell Scotty to do so. HAHAHAHAHKAHAKKAK! man, i miss talking to ya!

  3. uhm, i think that what makes Santa Claus survive on his job. hehe..

  4. welcome to my world, darling 🙂

  5. It’s similar to the question : Which one comes first, egg or chicken ?

    Which one comes first, night or day ?

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