I Wanna Be Bad!

In Me Likey, Obsessed To Possess, Shopping, Window Shopping, Wishlist on May 26, 2008 at 2:01 am

…and to realize that lifelong dream in style, I wanna buy these.

Again, hats off to the people at PerpetualKid.com.  You guys always manage to make me drool over something so unimportant, yet so essential!

It’s been almost two years since I first landed on your site, but only today had I found your blog.  Man.  You know if I were a millionaire, I’d buy every single item on the site.  Seriously.  Especially this glasses and that to-do-list tattoos.  Drool drool drool.  People might begin to question my affiliation with PerpetualKid and I seriously don’t have any.  Tell you the truth, I now think that I kept writing about their products just to get their attention so they’d probably send me a tiny bottle of any Demeter cologne or this $9,99 glasses.  But if they’re not, so what, I love their stuff anyway and will keep on writing (and ordering).

A standing ovation to the people who also sell the cutest Pee and Poo! 😀

  1. hahahaha this is really cool. i’m thinking to get one so i can wear it along my b&w-striped t-shirt.

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