May The Best Man Win

In Entertainment, Me Likey, My American Idol Addiction on May 23, 2008 at 1:57 am

And yes he did.

He won.

Again, I know I bitched a lot about this season’s A.I, especially when they won’t give me a break by not pulling the plug out of Kristy Lee Cook.  But hell, this other Cook won, so I’m happy. Wasn’t really crazy about Simon Cowell the other night as he claimed that the match ended up with a K.O. from Archuleta, but yeah, if he was comparing Il Divo to Daughtry, he’ll say the same thing anyway.

And today I smile because Mr. Cowell graciously apologized.  Or probably the producers tipped him off so that the Brit won’t feel bad and his credibility stays as a judge.  Who knows.  It’s reality TV and usually it’s unreal anyway.

Archuleta did great.  My mom sulked because she, like any other Idol-watching moms on the planet (except for David Cook’s that is), wanted Archuleta to win because he’s just so cute.  While I am not sure his voice will stay as angelic as it is today, I’m just so glad he’s the person who fought David Cook!  Strong contender, voice-wise, look-wise and need we talk more about the fan base?


So there, I’m put on American Idol hiatus until January 2009… with no more addictive television substance to abuse me.  Sure there will be 30 Rock.  And word is: the next parts of pirated Gossip Girl’s already available at the nearest stall.

This is a huge temptation for somebody who’s trying to stop buying pirated DVDs without addictive cable.

Oh and by the way, I’m curious about who does the programming on Star World.  Dudes, why are you guys still airing old seasons of Scrubs anyway?  It’s rather… BLAH and if you want to air the newer season… please, GET ON WITH IT!  Not that I’m sick and tired of Zach Braff already, he’s cute and all, but seeing something over and over and over again on PAY TV is downright ridiculous.  Now this, my friends, is what makes people keep buying pirated DVDs.  In the era of S and B, why do you people keep forcing us to watch old reruns of General Hospital?  Ha.

Well, all in all… congratulations for David Cook, David Archuleta, the judges, Ryan Seafoam (as addressed by the GURU) and hats off to my friends at FremantleMedia for another great finale show.

Wish we have that here. *teteeeeeppp sikaaattt* hahahahaha!

  1. What are Cook and Johns doing in your picture ? kinda gay-ish picture wahahaha

    Archuleta is good, but i think he’s kinda too good to be true.

  2. Actually during an interview with Jay Leno before the final, Cowell already said that Cook will win. He’s right. Again.

  3. yeahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
    am so happy that he won hoho.

  4. Well you can always turn to Indonesian Idol… NOT 😀

    What do you think about the finals? I didn’t enjoy any of the 6 songs, at all. Both David’s vocals sounds so tired that it is no longer enjoyable. I guess the tension takes over.

  5. about pirated dvds, i highly recommend ‘extras’ from bbc. hilarious!

  6. Please try and not give me another excuse for your wanting to buy a pirated DVD….or justify others who had done so…i am grateful…..

  7. mikearmand: gay, not gay… they’re cute! well, Cook’s cuter 😀

    Finally Woken: he’s right because he’s tipped off by the producers to give ‘premonitions’. showbiz… can never believe them 😀

    stella: me too! 😀

    hermansaksono: you know i think it’s the songs that made it tiresome. Archuleta’s songs are always blah, while Cook seemed to not have enough courage to do what he did with the phenomenal Hello and Billy Jean. too bad for that, because i was expecting more risk-taking on the finals. oh well, glad he won anyway 😀

    iq: aha. as i was trying to say… i’m trying to quit. hahhahaha!

    J Van Thiel: like smoking, i’m trying to quit. and like smoking, i can’t go cold turkey. ain’t justifying anything. just telling the facts.

  8. i dont know where to complain, but indonesian idol finalists is simply awful. I dont understand a singer as lousy as Aji gets so much praises from the judges.

    We need an indonesian version of cowell

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