Busy Bee

In Me Likey, My American Idol Addiction, Randomness on May 2, 2008 at 3:10 am

I’ve been busy.

In recap, oh dear, I might be mumbling randomly now… but here goes:

I hated to see Brooke White go. Jason Castro is turning into the Kristy Lee Cook of the competition because he’s so pretty.

And Paula Abdul was either THAT drunk, or the script was THAT good.  If it was the latter… kudos to the producers and Paula Abdul’s “people”… and to Paula Abdul herself for playing along and letting everyone think she’s drunk.  Do I see “Pretty Woman” sequel?  At least it won’t require much acting for her.  Haha.

Last Comic Standing… why do they still air that show? Geez.

Nailed a gig with those people at California. Yay! Looking forward for more.

Never thought freelancing would be this hectic that I almost couldn’t blog, but am loving it.

Missing my chat buddies so much. Can’t talk much now, guys, but will do once I get to breathe.

Nailed a strange project. Oh heck, why not.

Body clock gets stranger and stranger every day as I tend to wake up earlier than usual.

And last but not least, severe blogwalking after not touching the blogosphere for the past few days made me found one of the funniest blogs ever: The Fail Blog. Guess I’ll be a regular! 😀

Well um, gotta sleep now. Got gym and a lot of work(ing out) to do tomorrow.

See y’all.

ps: oh yeah, almost forgot one thing… I just loved seeing Simon Cowell flustered when his first kiss made a call-in. Now that’s GOOD TV! HAHA! You’re too cute, Simon. Too cute.

  1. I miss you soooooo much, nyengnyeeeeeng… *sniff*

  2. take care of the health too! 🙂

  3. 🙂 Und, does that mean you might come to California? I’m Indy, by the way. We talked a bit about Movie Magic Screenwriter Software to write scripts, but haven’t had the chance to really discuss it.

  4. PoppieS: miss you too sweets! *hugs*

    stella: i’m doing my best, girl!

    Indy: uh, i might 😀 hey, refresh my memory please. where and when did we talk about Movie Magic Screenwriter? because i’d love to continue the discussion!

  5. You might come to Cali? Cool. Drop by at my place, then! 😀 Will take you to the best taco place in town.

    On your other majestic (not a typo for Mayestik. :d) blog, you once wrote a story about using Final Draft for your scriptwriting, then I left a comment, then..I got kidnapped by UFO.

    Here’s a link: http://www.screenplay.com/p-29-movie-magic-screenwriter-6.aspx. 🙂

  6. Indy: aha, i suspected that i saw you there. and it’s not a majestic blog. it’s boring, really. heeheee 😀 will check out the link, thanks! and will drop by your place when in cali 😉

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