Bye, Missy. Finally!

In My American Idol Addiction on April 18, 2008 at 12:58 am

So I’m still mending my broken heart over Michael Johns’ elimination last week -which I didn’t get to see due to the Astro whatever thing-, but I felt a bit better when finally Miss Kristy Lee Cook was FINALLY eliminated earlier this evening.  Guess the producers -AND the whole country do read blogs.  HAHA!

Now let’s see.  I’m in the mood to analyze stuff.

Syesha Mercado – unless the producers think they still need somebody to fill the color quota next week, I think she’ll be gone.  Don’t get me wrong, technically she’s excellent.  But um, they got to have someone there after Chickezie and Ramiele are gone.  Afterall, this isn’t last season where great singers were safe from the wrath of Lee Cook’s fan base.  I feel for Syesha because I think she’s way too talented to just become a ‘quota’.

David Archuleta – as long as there are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, horny aunts and confused boys all around the US of A, he’s gonna make it into the top 3.  I’m kinda tired of his ‘always-inspirational-songs’ song choices, though.  Hope he’ll pick less ‘David Foster-y’ tunes next week.

Carly Smithson – great vocals although I like Syesha’s better.  Carly’s too rock-chick for me and her song choices are… well, sometimes awful.  No, wait.  Just awful.  No ‘sometimes’.

Jason Castro – now here’s a guy without any ‘deep’ vocal techniques, but a lot of character and managed to steal young women’s hearts with those blue eyes and sexy dreads.  I don’t know… he’s popular.  Selling.  But anything can happen to him at this point.

Brooke White – a nice girl, great voice, instrument-savvy… I really have high hopes for her.  But she sometimes lacks in confidence.  Could be in the top 3, but after several times in bottom 3 these past few weeks… I’m kinda worried.

David Cook – front-man material, brings not only vocals but also cutting edge arrangements in every single performance.  I seriously think that actually we’ve found our new Idol, but I don’t want to speak too soon because of what happened to Melinda Doolittle last season.  But yeah, he’s gonna get the votes because he just told America (and the world) that he, in fact, is single.

So there you go.  Your top 6.  Who will make it to lucky number 5 considering that Ms. Lee Cook is out of the way and I’ve got nobody to blame anyone’s elimination on?

I guess they’re really on their own this time!  Omg, this feels like a deja vu.  I feel exactly like this last year when Sanjaya was kicked out.  YAY!

Next week it is, ladies and gentlemen 😉

  1. Just when Kristy started to sound (a liitle bit) better.
    Just when I had Syesha on the top of my hate list.
    Just when I thought that ‘the elimination pattern’ was just a gossip.

    Kristy had to go home, not that I’d miss her though

  2. finally…

  3. then i heard,carly smithson voted off..huh

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