White In!

In Me Likey on April 16, 2008 at 4:44 pm

Aha.  Just found my dream dress and sandals at forever21.com.  Lovin’ the ensemble!


a great match to gorgeous ;)

Hmmm… nice! 😀

*pics from Forever21.com

  1. forever21 is big in the states, i didnt hear much hype about it here

  2. hermansaksono: it’s opening up at grand indonesia if i’m not mistaken. but i think it’s gonna be pricey. if gap is snooty enough to sell a plain t-shirt for over 100 thou IDR, well then forever21 i imagine would be more upscale in terms of prices. don’t you think?

  3. Forever21 in Grand Indonesia is soooooo way too expensive even if you compare with the one in Spore. SEBEL!

  4. did you buy them already? Gorgeous dress!!!
    Yes, F21 Indonesia is more expensive than Singapore’s. But still, love their accessories!
    ( and i think they’re bit cheaper than Topshop’s. or Zara’s. )

  5. Ibeth: oyaaaa? hihihi nanti gue cek cek ombak deh.

    stella: same here.

    djeedjes: not yet, but gonna. heehheheeheee! 😀

  6. Good taste 🙂

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