Buying “Not Buying It”

In Me Likey, Silly Posts on April 13, 2008 at 4:40 pm

Saturday was pretty active for me, because usually I get out of bed around 11, watch E! for latest weekend gossip and slowly makes my move to the bathroom and get ready for my per-lunch swim. After the swim, it’s usually followed by a late lunch and back to bed for a snuggly session in bed of MORE television watching.

Yesterday I woke up around 10.30, dashed into the bathroom to get ready to meet my friend Arie Dagienk for lunch. We have been planning on meeting up since the first spark of our future collaboration work surfaced. That was around… 2005. Yeah. After almost three years of not talking about this project and meet up just for the sake of dancing around and giggling about people’s fashion mishaps, we FINALLY met at Cilandak Town Square, where the wifi is free and the food fabulous. This time, we talked business and he surprised me with his determination. Fingers crossed, people. This is going to happen as it HAS to happen. Will update everybody on this 😉

The meeting with Dagienk went smoothly and we part ways at around 2 p.m. I chose to stay at the bistro, hogging their free wifi while doing research for the project. And then I remembered something: I sent Mr. J a birthday present and wanted to know if he received it. So I texted the guy and yes he did. He asked me my whereabouts and I told him I was at CiTos and invited him to join me if he’s free.

And he did join me at around 3.30 p.m.

We chatted about my OTHER project and laughed like mad because I told him I used him as a reference. Well, to make a long story short, we also parted ways because he has a meeting with a group of people and I have my boyfriend to wait for.

And that’s when I went to ak.sa.ra, my favorite spot in all CiTos. I love the smell of this bookstore because it’s fragrant with paper and ink smell. I was determined not to buy anything because I’ve spent my quota of reading materials on magazines this month, and I was doing so well. I didn’t even budge when I saw a shelf dedicated to the chick-lit goddess, Sophie Kinsella. I turned down the urge to update Becky Bloomwood’s life after she got married to that Luke guy. And whaddya know, it’s been so long since my last chick-lit read, Becky apparently had had a sister and a baby. What a progress.

But then I passed the uncategorized shelf. This is where I usually find good reads and gems. And yesterday was no exception because I was instantly torn between ‘Everything Bad is Good for You’ by Steven Johnson and one book I read about awhile ago in Cosmopolitan: ‘Not Buying It’ by Judith Levine.

So this book tells the author’s journey throughout her year-long pact of not buying anything except for groceries.  Actually I’ve read and wanted to have this book since a long time ago, but been putting it aside so much that I completely forgot about wanting it.

I checked my wallet, and hey I had enough cash to buy the book! Yay!

I’ve only read about half of it, but I could relate to what Judith Levine is saying in the book.  Can’t say much now because I haven’t finished it yet, but I feel strangely drawn to her project.  It was so simple.  And it reminded me of a sentence somebody told me once:  everything simple is the start of big things.  And if living the simple life means widening the chance to live it big in the future, then why not?

Actually I have been trying to not buy stuff other than groceries and am minimizing the costly weekend ‘eating out’ habit.  It started in December when I found out that grocery shopping is way cheaper than eating out *doh, where have I been*.  And I’ve been minimizing the eating out since, and hungrily browse the internet for new recipes.  One more thing, I’ve managed to put one of my two overused credit cards to rest.  Never used it since November and am enjoying the fact that it’s just a matter of time before I shut it down and live with only ONE credit card and one debit card.  Yeah, paying cash is so much better.

And guess what?  Friday night I shrieked in joy, finding that my GSM phone bill is not even reaching 300 thousand IDR.  That is one heckuva news.  Another thing:  my ADSL internet line is dropping its prices into just 200 thousand-ish IDR per month.  That is so cool and even cooler because it’s effective immediately.  My weakest points of life (telecommunication, that is) has been saved!

Now, after reading this book, I’m gonna try what she did.  Baby steps.  No need to go for a full year yet, but things might progress.  Let’s start with a week of buying nothing but groceries.  I figured if it’s doable in America, it’s more than doable here because the stuff they sell here are getting boring anyway.  I mean, who needs another pair of leggings?  If I managed to press the costs in yakking over the phone and chatting useless stuff with my friends online, then I would like to explore more and move on to my next weakness: shopping for clothes, shoes, bags and other girlie stuff.

See if this week works out well, I might increase it into two weeks.  And so on.

By the end of the year, I’ll get my cell phone replaced with that gorgeous Moto-Q lime.   HAHA!

Hey, a simple life needs a simple, sleek and smart phone to be of support, because the best thing is… it’s a CDMA handset and everybody knows CDMA is freaking cheaper than GSM.

There you go 😀


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