Somewhere Over Jason Castro

In My American Idol Addiction on April 10, 2008 at 2:21 am

I say he’s the best of the night.

Let’s all pray Carly doesn’t get the axe because apparently Ms. Whatchamacallit is getting better -said the judges, not me-.  Cook wasn’t that hot, Johns somewhat disappointing, Mercado was ok but not good enough, Archuleta obviously nailed the inspirational theme and White was only nice.

The competition is getting tougher, the producers are getting smarter…

…but I’m only looking forward to noting down the rundown of Idol Gives Back like I did last year.  Can’t wait to see how they’re gonna embed Brad Pitt in the show and how Mariah Carey would perform and what she would give back.

And after the Emmy-winner show, I seriously don’t know what to expect.  America obviously loves country music and as long as they do, Ms. Twang there is gonna survive probably up to the top 5.

Whatever.  Mr. Pitt, I’ll be looking for ya.

  1. never really like Jason Castro, I tend to half-like his performances. can you half-like somebody? heck, is half-like a term?

  2. hermansaksono: i half-like david cook. and i think ‘half-like’ is supposed to be a term on its own right. especially if we’re talking entertainment! 😀

  3. It was the 1st time I liked Castro

    OMG , the judges loved kristie ! SIMon, you’re softening !!

    I love country music because Carrie and Kristie made me hate it now

  4. mikearmand: i think it’s a role reversal between randy and simon. i like this tough version of randy jackson. not too crazy about simon’s softness, though. but still love him because he’s hawt. hahahahhakahakkak. as for paula? weeell… a show needs some positivity from time to time… even if it comes from xanax. hahahahkahkaka 😀

  5. baru malam ini ngeh dengan yang dikau maksud dgn mirip ahmad dhani haha
    quite disappointed with his version of ‘Innocent’ though.
    was drooling over jason castro tonight for the first time
    he was so cuddleable with those eyes and lil ukulele (or guitar as paula said it)
    *still drooling*

  6. I actually feel Carly is almost similar with Ramiele, great voices, but they can’t seemed to be able to deliver memorable performances, uniqueness or consistency. Carly had a couple of good ones, but her song choices is not for the mainstream audience I think. Too bad, after the rockin’ nurse, another fave of mine is going to follow if my hunch is correct 😦

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