Just A Note To Someone Hateful

In Uncategorized on April 7, 2008 at 12:20 am

Well well,

I think somebody out there should try and sign up for anger management classes and um, I don’t know… try to be a little bit ignorant for a change.  After all, if one hates something that much, then one should just stay hateful or make peace with oneself instead of going on picking every little thing there is to pick about people one doesn’t even know.

And let me tell you something…

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

So go ahead, try burning an incense or something.  I hear sandalwood and lavender have the ultimate relaxing effect.  Listen to soothing music, bathe in a warm water, and soak those hateful aura away.  It’s a lot of effort, really, but it does work.  Taking a vacation should work too.  Let me see, Bangkok sounds nice isn’t it?  And um… oh maybe a new destination: Tahiti?  Ah maybe that’s not new for ya.  Hm.  Palau might be a good destination.  After all, they have beautiful cabanas and cottages.

Food can also be another alternative to relieve those tightened back muscles that caused lots of blockage within the veins in the brains (should one have any).  Try um, let’s say, chocolate.  We all love chocolate.  It’s a feel-good food, with a sweet sweet aftertaste.  Or um… maybe fruits?  Strawberries are excellent although it tastes like a sumo-wrestler’s sweat.  Don’t ask me how I know that.  Or probably just that overrated food that made covers for those best seller BS books -that I bet you read and mope about *insert a huge EEWW here*-: Chicken Soup for The Soul.

Or maybe try the simpler way:

Get that stick out of your ass.

You are a lady, for chrissake, and it’s not very ladylike.

  1. you put it so much better… hopefully she’ll get it, ‘cos it’s kinda hard to communicate with an airhead.
    oh, i think you meant THOSE STICKS hahaha

  2. bebe: it is hard to communicate with airheads. believe me, i deal with them a lot at work. the only way is to put ear plugs on and try to stay awake when they’re yip yapping in front of you. as for sticks… well i don’t know how many there are up the ass, but i am sure it’s enough to annoy a continent. maybe two.

  3. tell me when u want to OD on chocolates….let’s all do it together….

  4. J Van Thiel: ahahahahahkahkakk… too bad I wasn’t talking about you. but LET’S! btw, i still have your birthday present here. dang busy days. just you wait, i might pop up unexpectedly with a silly grin, ready to take over that long-lost therapy couch of yours!

  5. you mean WE might pop up unexpectedly hahahah. hey, let’s OD on fondue!!!

  6. bebe: yeah and let’s OD on those microwaveable kerupuks! 😀

  7. try another way : shopping..

  8. Ignorant is ALWAYS a bliss

    Just try to BREATHE …

  9. -tikabanget-: yep shopping is another way too 😉

    mikearmand: HAHAHAKHAKAHKAKK! yeah. try to breathe. very simple yet soothing!

  10. great fame comes with great annoyance…

    so, there 😀

  11. hermansaksono: well said! 😀

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