What The Stars Say Today

In Randomness on April 4, 2008 at 12:28 pm

Been a long time since I visited Yahoo Astrology.  I used to read this aloud at the end of every working day with my good friend, Mr. J and ponder together whether they are true or just good forms of copywriting done by those folks at Yahoo.

Today, after a long time of not visiting the site -because I have nobody to read and laugh about it with here-, I braved myself to take a peek and found a strange and somewhat true reading.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Daily Extended Forecast

Impatient much? There are many exciting things coming up soon and it’s understandable that you are finding the wait unbearable. But you can’t get too wrapped up in what will be. Try, instead, to savor what is now. Appreciate the smaller things in life, because they add up. Eventually, it’s all the little things that constitute the bigger things. Noticing someone’s laugh, an early spring flower, or a cute little kid are all little gifts that you can give to yourself. Plus, they cost nothing!

Yeah.  I’m trying to savor what is now, as a matter of fact.  Don’t know where life’s taking me currently and I need a break from steering the boat.  I’ll just lie down on the deck, under the sun, sipping my orange juice.

I haven’t lost that dark side of always wanting to take chances.  But I should know by now that even dark sides need vacations.

So yeah!

  1. Well, finally….u r drawn back to the wonderfully written horoscopes as we all know it too well….
    As we tend to always predict, it is by far one of the best copywriting work….so simply cut and paste the info onto any given day of the year, and it still works!
    Enjoy the free advice…..any day, anytime….i do!

  2. J Van Thiel: yep. those folks at Yahoo are swell writers (did i just use the word ‘swell’ there?). although, i think ‘wisdom’ is one of their requirements in recruitment. HAHAHHA!

  3. You’re a Libra!? Whoa. Same here.
    Gawd, honestly, you do not sound like a Libra at all. And trust me, that’s a compliment. 😀

    How’s the British Council’s Bloggers Day? Any pix from the event?

  4. Marisa: i don’t? funny because i do! 😀 great to find another Libran here and yes i know what you mean by compliment hahahahahkhkaka 😀 too bad i don’t have any pix from the event, but fellow bloggers who attended the event might took a picture or two there. or did they? i’m sure they did, but maybe they didn’t. omg, now i am sounding like a true Libran! HAHA!

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