In Ultimate Sarcasm on April 4, 2008 at 1:42 pm

The more I blog, the more I get comments.  Sometimes hate comments.

My friends say now that I have got “enemies”, I could say I’m on top of the game.

And I say amen to that.



  2. calon artis: ada beneeeeeeeeeeerrrr… ahahakhakhakhakhakahkak! 😀

  3. me too, me too hehehehe. i’m on top of the gameeeee hahahaha

  4. bebe: yeah. the risk of being us. they wanna love us but they don’t know how. tsk. their loss.

  5. From the Jakarta Post today! (re: that friggin new law)

    “Asmara Letizia said that no law was supposed to regulate how people expressed opinions.
    ‘So far, I haven’t deleted anything I have posted in my blogs. I believe we have to be responsible and consistent on what we have said. We can still protest other people as long as we can do it in an unoffending way,’ she said”

    Right on! =)

  6. Teez: yep, that law is inexplicably… how should i put it… inexplicably inexplicable! 😀

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