Facebook Outcast

In Randomness on April 1, 2008 at 11:47 pm

I might have put a Facebook link on the sidebar of this blog and claimed myself an addict, but to tell you the truth…

I’m done with it.

You see, this whole social-network websites are ok at first glance.  I was addicted to Friendster for quite some time.  And then there was Facebook.  It’s fun approving people you know to become your contacts and asking for them to approve you and such… but it slowly becomes annoying when these people you know start adding TOO MANY applications that’s supposed to be fun.

Yeah it’s getting boring.

So starting on this wonderful April Mop day, I’m officially a Facebook outcast.  Call me a ‘Top Friend’, I won’t care.  Give me a ‘Fab Bag’, just leave it there.  From now on I’m just gonna lurk around Facebook silently.

It’s more fun that way.

  1. Just make sure you protect yourself against the virtual world in Facebook. Now they have a new privacy feature, which I use a lot, to choose which ‘friend’ you allow to access your data, pictures or videos. Friendster apparently has many security holes, the other day my friend created a phising (don’t ask, I don’t understand) that let him gather 500 password in few hours. Most of the users use their email passwords as Friendster’s passwords, and my friend can see their lives wide open. One suggestion from him, whenever you get a link sent through Friendster message, don’t click it. Hackers are able to trace your email address (and worse, your passwords) through it, apparently.

  2. finallywoken: thank you for the information, anita! and yes, one of my friendster contacts was hacked recently. it was horrible. again, thanks for the info. i hope other readers of this blog can be more careful after reading it. how are you, by the way?

  3. Hi, MIUND…
    Facebook is better than Friendster,
    I agree.

    Salam kenal

  4. Very well, thank you. I have survived winter in Scotland, woohoo! How are you?

  5. Ari Kuncoro: well i think friendster is somewhat better than facebook. it doesn’t distract you too much. salam kenal juga 🙂

    finallywoken: i’m well, thank you. whoa winter! we could use some of that over here. it’s been burning hot for two weeks now. hehehehe 😀

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