Idle On Idol

In My American Idol Addiction on March 27, 2008 at 11:36 am


Lovin’ David Cook’s Billy Jean.  Great arrangement.  Michael Jackson would be pissed, but I like it.

As for the rest… good luck to Chickeze and to hell with Kristy Lee Cook’s sad sad attempt to win sympathy, although her twang helped her last night.  At least she didn’t ruin the song like she did the Beatles’.


  1. The judges said that it’s the ebst season ever

    I think it’s the weirdest and scandalous season ever

  2. Ditto on David Cook. What a cool arrangement. Will he be the next Chris Daughtry? By that I meant a talented singer who didn’t actually win Idol. Why? I don’t know but would like to know. Is it really based on the number or votes or is there something else?

  3. i believe the arragement was not david cook’s, but chris cornell’s. CMMIW.

    nice to meet you miss miund 😀

  4. herman saksono: ah really? i didn’t know that. and very nice to meet the man behind the name too, mr. saksono. i must say i’ve secretly been quite impressed reading the stuff they wrote about you! hahahkahkahk 😀 cheers to us bloggers!

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