I Hate Meetings

In Daily Annoyance on March 27, 2008 at 4:25 pm

In my professional life, there is one thing I hate the most and that is whenever somebody says:


It’s annoying how one should leave whatever he or she doing just to go into a room full of people, talking about stuff that usually bores us to the bone where we ended up sending prank text messages to other people or doodle the bosses’ faces in their notebooks to overcome the boredom.  I mean seriously.  I hate meetings.

I hate it so much because in the age of technology where everything is possible, why cut down one’s productive hours in order to make one listen to subjects one doesn’t even have to know about?  Why can’t these people just send pop-up messages on everyone’s computer screen and get the information distributed without having to huddle up every time?

If the reason of meetings is indeed to distribute information evenly, there’s always a moron or two who just didn’t grasp what was being said in the meeting and thus somebody have to say it all over again when the meeting is over.  That is a huge waste of time.   Why not equip people with their own blackberries or whatever device so that they could get the same amount of information without even having to leave whatever they are doing?  Wait, isn’t that what e-mails do?  Then read your e-mails, people!

And one more thing I hate is when some people make up excuses to leave early from the office to meet ‘a client’ in ‘a mall’, because the thing about meetings at malls or cafes, you can never reach anything.  Seriously.  And the most annoying part of these kind of meetings is the insensitive people who would just come up to your table and say hi, not minding the papers scattered across the table and the opened laptops signaling “WORK IN PROGRESS”.  But I can’t ever blame those people because hey, malls are the place to meet up, shop and socialize.  Not meetings.

So if I ever own a company of my own, I would have a regular morning breakfast briefing with my staffs and that’s the only time they have to report their work or talk about boring stuff.  I’ll have them eat breakfast while doing so and when we are all done, I won’t bug them for the rest of the day.  Well, I would but only through MSN and e-mails.

Because I don’t want to be the boss who loves meetings.  Everybody hates that person.

  1. IF you do own your own company someday … Count me in pleasee

  2. neng, if it happen, can i apply to your company…?
    you’re gonna be my dream boss…..

  3. This is probably a topic where you and I don’t really look eye-to-eye… 🙂

    Generally I don’t like most meetings too. Specifically, unprepared and unproductive meetings where people just dance around an issue and don’t make any decision (so we need another meeting, aaarrgghh). I do, however, enjoy and appreciate prepared and productive meetings. And, oh, I usually don’t accept an invite for a meeting within 48 hours; that itself shows unpreparedness…

    Anyhow, just follow correctly whatever textbooks say about conducting a productive meeting (one of them is not to have a meeting if not necessary). Most likely your audience will love your meetings.

  4. mikearmand: as long as you pass the psychological test. note that i’m measuring only how insane you are. 😀

    Lila: please refer to my answer to mikearmand, and as for dream boss… hmmm… i could never promise you anything! HAHAKAHKAHKAKK!

    bleu: hmmm… maybe i’ve never been to a really productive meeting at all. should i come across it one day, i’ll keep you updated! 😀

  5. what i don’t like about meetings is that… we never get everything certain. the outcome of the meeting is an ever changing outcome. it sometimes changes within the next hour or two, somebody pops up and idea after the meeting thru email and it changes the whole outcome of the meeting. so… why didn’t we do it thru email from the first place?
    While a prepared meeting will usually (and easily) turning into a “one man show” like a seminar.

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