Today’s Riddle

In Daily Annoyance, My American Idol Addiction, Ultimate Sarcasm on March 21, 2008 at 1:12 am

“Who are they gonna sacrifice next?”

First it was Hernandez.  Now Overmyer.

Will it be Smithson?  Will it be White?  God forbid it’ll be Archuleta.  Castro might survive, Johns… maybe.  Mercado was there once, so no guarantee she’ll be safe in the future.  Malubay sucks when the tempo picks up, but she’s prolly gonna be safe as long as she quits wearing those icky mom jeans -the height this week is outrageous.  Eze… well the show has to have a brother until like… top 5, so he’s prolly safe for the time being.   Cook knows he’s awesome and a lot of people probably do too.  His cockiness reminded me of our very own Ahmad Dhani.  Wait, his face too.  Well whatever, he’s gonna be safe, methinks.

So there Kristy Lee Cook, feel free to choose your next protective shield and keep on ruining great songs.  From the way things are rolling right now, I’d say if you keep doing that… you’ll make it to the top 3.  And you’ll make history too.

As the first ever Idol with absolutely no talent.

Have a great daaayyy 😀

  1. I can’t agree more on the slight resemblence between David Cook and Ahmad Dhani. Btw, Happy Easter, girl!

  2. See, like I told ya before, this year’s Sanjaya is a blonde chick

    My opinion :

    David Archuleta : huh …
    Chikezie : meh …
    Carly : overrated
    The rest of them : i really have no idea who’s going to win

  3. lenje: they look like they came from the same egg. no ‘slight’ there! 😀 happy easter to you too, girl 😉

    mikearmand: yep you got that right mike. but i know who’s gonna win. kristy lee cook. she’ll drown in sympathy votes. HAHAHAKAHAK 😀

  4. cook and ahmad dhani???

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