In My American Idol Addiction on March 19, 2008 at 8:22 pm

Obviously after what had happened last week I’m not gonna even try to predict who’s gonna be eliminated next in American Idol because hey, it’s a part popularity contest anyway. However, I haven’t given up on the show yet. I don’t want to comment on the contestants’ performances because Archuleta clearly made sure nobody else gets the praise of “Master Class” from Cowell. So let’s just leave it at that.

There is one thing to note, though.

Cowell winked twice to Seacrest this week and the buzz about it is all over the internet. Ain’t gonna share any links. Just get your lazy asses to Google.

Well he can wink all he wants, but I’m still with one of those ladies attending his sign-making class -said ‘probably jealous’ Seacrest-.

I still think Cowell is sexy. He’s my next Clooney.

*newly added:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Kristy’s threat to “blow Cowell out of his socks”.  You better watch it, sweetheart.  As if ruining two Beatles songs two weeks in a row isn’t enough, you’re trying to blow and take my Brit away from me?  Ahahaha… I’m so ready to give you a wedgie, country girl.  It’s bad enough I’m sharing  Cowell with Seacrest.


  1. Whew i’m tired of this whole beatles theme thingy

    Producer, face it, the contestants are too young for this theme

  2. mikearmand: too young to care that they are singing legendary songs by a legendary band. yeah. kids today. tsk tsk. HAHAHA!

  3. And it’s also TWICE, Kristy took her next victim

  4. I never understand the relationship between Ryan and Simon. I don’t know what is acting and what is not anymore. Every show has writers for it so who knows what is scripted really on any show. Everyone is bread and buttered on every TV show today. They tell people on all shows when to clap and so on. Most shows are staged.

    The kids didn’t pick any Beatles songs that were great though. They should have picked the songs people like and know more. You can tell they never listened to the songs from that era by the songs they picked.

  5. did not watch .
    but amanda? amanda?
    gah! she’s never boring.

    mgkn si lee cook pake susuk kali yaaaaa..

  6. mikearmand: cowell has been on seacrest’s tail with attempts to out him publicly since season 3. seacrest retorts to this by sending mixed signals and makes sure every little one is caught on camera. that’s the truth. well, at least that’s the story i chose to believe since i think cowell is sexy. HAHAHAKAHK! and yeah, it’s all scripted except for the winks. *teteeeeppp* hihihihihi 😀

    stella: yeah. sucks isn’t it. reminded me of sanjaya malakar’s string of luck last season.

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