Bye Senor Hernandez…

In My American Idol Addiction on March 13, 2008 at 6:04 pm

… and I still think that dumb blonde Kristy whateversomethingyadayada should be the one going home.
Seriously thinking of boycotting the show until the bitch who ruined 8 Days A Week gets eliminated.

And whoever voted for her…

… clearly you guys should try to buy a one way ticket to Indonesia and watch AFI or SUPER MAMA instead, because you all seem to like CRAP.

  1. Oh okay I just found this post after I unleashed my anger on your previous post.

    I define kristy as a horse loving country bitch who ‘amazingly’ survives the show once again.

    I wonder if ‘Sanjaya’ this year comes as a blonde chick …

  2. nobody could mess up as bad as kristy.
    i cringe every time i see her.
    i really dont understand this.
    and i havent recovered the fact that asia’h left instead of her.

  3. Geez….i didnt realize this show could draw so much negativity out of u…we all know as creators of reality shows it is supposed to make viewers feel this way. So i guess you have just become an average viewer, then. This is so sad…
    What is even sadder is the fact that you guys dont want to see the underlying social problem behind all this rantings you are making….yes I am talking about racism. Please realise how many hispanic community are there to help the votes versus blonde lovers….never mind who’s going to support Asia’h versus the blonde again….And racism does not only happen in other countries, it is also predominant here (a simple test question – do you see the poor dark guys from Papua your equal?)….when it becomes clear to you, please let me know how to eradicate it…cos that’s the worldwide project i am working on now….
    Sorry, I went on a “too serious” track when I know what you wanted to do was mindless gossip…..sorry again! hehehehehe

  4. mikearmand: HAHAHAHAKHAKHKAKK! touche on the sanjaya bit!

    stella: same here.

    J Van Thiel: i AM an average viewer. the similar reactions throughout the world wide web means that the producers are successful (both in making people happy and pissing people off). i chose not to see the racial or whatever social problems they are having because, sorry, i chose to rant only about the show because it’s less boring. and if it’s perceived as being ‘sad’, then you’re entitled to your opinion. afterall, this blog is my escape door from the real world where i should always consider people’s feelings and such anyway.

  5. Wondering whether the voters suck or the show sucks?
    Still can’t believe it coz I was so sure she’d be the one going home and not Hernandez -__-”

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