“Ekselen” for “Excellent”?

In Daily Annoyance, Eyesore, Image Post, Sarcasm on March 10, 2008 at 11:37 pm

I don’t understand the ‘Indonesianized’ English.  To me, personally, if one wants to write in English then one should write it properly.  And if one does not know what an English word means in Bahasa Indonesia, then one should buy oneself um… what’s that thing called again? Ah yes… a DICTIONARY.

Ekselen My Ass

Why can’t they just say ‘Menuju Kinerja Sempurna” and spare the embarrassment? Tsk.

Attention LIA, ILP, EEP, EF!  The folks at Jasa Marga need an intensive training and they need it FAST.

  1. This is exactly like in Malaysia, in which every english words are squeezed into bahasa melaysia, only by imitating how the word sounds. Example: pakej, mesej, bas, teksi, and the gang. Do you think it is just accidental or is it a part of trying really hard to cope up with malaysia in terms of development that makes them do that?


  2. PAIL! Silk-laaaaah… 😛

  3. Brian: i don’t know about Malaysia, but i know Indonesia is copying them and it’s really silly.


  4. My first reaction reading the title through google reader was a disappointed “Awwwwwww…”

    Remember! We can always use Indonesian words! We have three words for “rice” for crying out loud.

  5. As a student of English Department who at the same time an Indonesian, I am truly ashamed

    I guess whoever made that wanted to prove that if Singapore has Sing-lish then Indonesia also has Indo-lish (which I think it’s more ndeso-lish)

    I wonder i that’s because of globalization or the maker’s just plain dumb

  6. Hi, Miund…
    Please be introduced : your new blog-reader…and fans of your words…
    Somehow I am stranded here…and I like it…
    LUV ur words…really.

    About this topic you wrote… well… I was attempted to write about it, but laziness beat my attemption..:-p
    Anyway.. I also found a lot of silliness made in public… like what I just read in a magazine: “rumah seken”…
    well…I think Mr. Badudu is frustated now…. 😦

  7. Kinda remind me of one of my students who brought an English dictionary entitled ‘ Indonesia-Inggeris’

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