Top 12 (?)

In My American Idol Addiction on March 9, 2008 at 12:01 pm

Still mending my broken heart over Asia’h Epperson’s elimination from the competition.  I mean, to put her side by side with Kristy watchamacallher?  Insulting.

Luke Menard is going back being a wandering minstrel, only now a styled up one.  Kady Malloy will be a great voice artist.  Danny Noriega will replace David Hernandez’s spot on the stripper pole if he doesn’t get that audition on Ugly Betty.  And Asia’h… oh man, I just hope the Jennifer Hudson success story will repeat itself on you.  I really do.

And yeah, this time I voted and guess what America?

You all suck.


    I can’t say anything, I’ve put my emotion into a new post with some ‘words’ that I never thought I would use on my blog hehehe

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