#1 On My Fashion Hate List Today

In Eyesore, Fashion Police on March 9, 2008 at 1:24 pm

I’ve made fun of quite a number of fashion mistakes.  And that, according to some fashion people (who hope to be called ‘fashionistas’) is a very sinful act, because what you make fun of today might be the thing you wear proudly tomorrow.  I never cared and still not caring.  Especially when I saw a bunch of pre-teen girls in Citos a couple of weeks ago channeling Jessica Simpson.



A perfect accessory for this buzzing trend, I imagine, would be an arm-candy who looks somewhat like this:


Joe Dirt

Yes ladies.  If you aren’t ready to sport a date who looks like Joe, then stay away from those high-waisted ugly pants and live by this virtue:


Mommy Says

Mom might not always be right, but I know she is this time around.

Burn in hell, mom jeans, and don’t try to call yourself with other fancy names like “high waisted jeans” because it’s really not helping at all.


  1. Hey I’m totally with you. I don’t know squat about fashion, but was annoyed with some AI’s singers, until my wife told me that it was the fashion today. It just bugged me…

  2. I definitely not going to date a girl wearing something like that, even if it’s jessica simpson

  3. bleu and mikearmand: aha. it’s great to see that real men despise this as well! yay! 😀

  4. i call em scary pants huhu

  5. stella: because they are, girl. because they friggin’ are.

  6. […] Eh sori, bukan celana jojon ya… apa namanya?  High waisted?  Ah bukan ah.  Celana jojon.  Bukan berarti ya dipake Jessica Simpson terus jadi KEREN.  Plis […]

  7. If it ain’t workin’ for Jessica Simpson it ain’t gonna work for us mere mortal, but I did see Kate Moss in it and she look fabulous ..

    Btw, nice site

  8. Tigasawah: yep, mere mortals can’t wear ’em. thank God we can still laugh at them. you got a nice site too in multiply! 😉

  9. Thank you, but my blogs and pics are usually for networks only* so I’m afraid you can only see a fraction of my Multiply….. do you have a Multiply site?

    *Must be careful here, don’t want anybody suing for something we put in multiply like pakar telematika did with Herman Saksono;p

  10. Tigasawah: aww, sadly my multiply site is only there merely so i can post comments on people’s sites. try miund.multiply.com. i hate mp because it’s too exclusive and the layout is too ‘noisy’. but i shop there a lot and connect with foodies who post fabulous recipes. feel free to add me, though 😉

  11. preteen girls dress more and more absurd..

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