Boys, Here We Go Again

In My American Idol Addiction on March 5, 2008 at 11:18 pm

Generally I think tonight the boys performed so well that it’s kinda hard to decide which two are gonna go home.  Let’s see…

Luke Menard.  Why can’t I like this supposedly cute guy?  I mean, he’s got the face and all, but whatever comes out of his mouth just don’t seem right.  Guess he whammed his chance to go to the finals.  This was an easy one.

Archuletta won my mom’s heart and other moms around the globe, I think.  And of course pre-teen girls and adult guys too.  I didn’t like the Phil Collins song, but I think Simon’s right.  He should definitely stay and be in the finals.

On to the pretty boy, Danny Noriega.  Right I’ve given up on him voice-wise.  But I would still want to see him throw another attitude at Cowell.  It’s like the drama of the show and hell, Noriega CAN act.  Hello Ugly Betty producers, have you ever read any of my posts?  Cast him and cast him quick!

I hate Celine Dion, but what I hate more is people who try to sing like her and fail.  But David Hernandez didn’t, and although his eerie resemblance to Enrique Iglesias still freaks me out, I’m so glad he pulled it off.  See ya at the finals, dude.

Ah the lad from down under, Michael Johns.  Okay, I don’t care anymore.  He HAS to go to the finals.  He just has to.

David Cook sounded rather ‘regular’, but I have to admit he’s really brave.  And as for gambling against Cowell, he cashed in tonight.  Good job.

Cute Jason Castro did it again for me with his soft rendition of Hallelujah.  Omg, I got goosebumps just listening to him.  Love ya dude.  Be back next week.  Please.

And finally Chickezie.  Can’t say whether I like him or hate him because I like the song.  And Java Jazz is in the air, so I guess I got into the jazzy mood listening to that song.  By the way, FINALLY Mr. Eze decided to dress up for the occasion!

Hey, what’s with Paula?  Is she on some medications?  Her stammering begins to bother me.  And somebody please rescue her hair.  It’s getting worse every episode.

Right.  I am stalling because up until this minute I can’t really guess who’ll be going home with Luke Menard.  Seriously.  Any help?

  1. Hello! I have favorites yet really. I usually wait until the final 12 is picked. So starting next week we can tell more. Just so many to follow right now.

  2. Danny Noriega is such a drama queen… or king… or whatever. Plz… no skinny jeans with that kind of attitude. Shoo…shoo… hehehe

  3. Mike: Hello to you too 🙂 I tried not to have favorites too soon, but my eyes are fixed on Michael Johns and Jason Castro… 😀

    ddee: queen, girl. he’s a queen. HAHAHAHA 😀

  4. Paula ? I guess her song is not doing great and she’s getting stressed out (yep she’s a retard)

    Since I read the news about david hernandez being stripper, I watched his perofrmance and I mumbled to myself, “yep he’s sooo gay”

  5. i like danny, so cute like a girl. hehe..

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