In My American Idol Addiction on February 29, 2008 at 11:29 pm

Ah finally Jason Yeager left the show.  I’m just glad I don’t have to see his annoying smile anymore.  And Alexandra Lushington, I think deserves another chance.  But she’s not one contestant that I’ll miss too terribly.  As for Alaina Whitaker, aaawww… now she’s what I call the next big thing in entertainment as she didn’t screw the production crew over with an on-the-spot rundown change just because she too tearful to sing.  She bravely stepped up and did her last song.  Thank your lucky stars, producers.  Even though she didn’t make it in the show, at least you have a name when you need a filler for your other shows.  And lastly, Robbie Carico.  Finally, dude.  My final advice would be, get a ticket to England and audition for Take That.  Or form a boyband called ‘Spice Boys’ or something.  Seriously.  You’ll earn huge caaassshh!

Before I end this very short post, I just want to point out something.  Remember that I said I am getting bored with Ramielle’s hairdo?  Well turned out that it was an instant trend, because our judge Ms. Paula Abdul appeared tonight with one side longer hair than the other.  And Ramielle went with a curly wavy ‘do.  What is this?  Reverse role-play?  Man.  It’s sick.

The good thing tonight is, my favorites are still in the show and they are apparently getting better from the flu.  Which leads to my question:  what happens if one survives one’s ‘under the weather’ condition?  Does one get ‘over the weather’?


  1. Hmmm I think that Chikezie something whatever should be eliminated.

    As for Robbie, yeah i’m glad he’s out. he’s just sooo fake …

  2. mikearmand: you know, i think i want to see chikezie longer in this competition. God knows what sordid outfits he’ll bring next, and fashion faux-pas is like… THE REAL ENTERTAINMENT for me. heeeheeheee!

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