Let’s Just Talk Dresses, People. Seriously.

In My American Idol Addiction on February 29, 2008 at 12:48 am

The girls were a bit off this week, as they are bordering on an unusual mediocrity which reminded me of our own Indonesian Idol contestants -post Joy and Delon, that is.  So, I’m just gonna leave it to the judges about their voices and start commenting on their appearance for a change.  After all, I think the producers realized that they weren’t in shape to really perform as some of them were really sick and all that they were dressed up really nicely.  An attempt to divert attention?  Possibly.  But hey, our Indonesian Idol stylist(s) can actually sit tight and take notes because apart from their so-so voices tonight, (some of) these girls looked like a million dollars.  Here goes.

Carly Smithson. The girl is back.  But I don’t know, I don’t really like her voice on the song.  It’s the same feeling I have whenever I see her tattoo.  It’s actually good, but it just doesn’t go with every outfit.  Especially tonight’s.    

Lovin’ the Me and Mr. Jones rendition from Syesha Mercado.  Hey, this girl really know how to dress.  It’s either that, or she’s very easy to dress up, or she simply doesn’t need any styling.  I love her style.  Seriously.  I think she pulled it off, but the judges didn’t think so.  Ah well, probably because I love the song.  Got deviated there somewhere.

Next up is Brooke White.  She likes to do hair?  Hm… what about doing her OWN for a change?  I don’t really get the song, but I dig her boots which completed her ensemble.  And I don’t really get why the judges liked her.  Really.  I think she’s boring.

Ramielle Malubay looked great in lavender, although I’m a bit bored with that hairdo.  And she didn’t choose a great song.  Kinda disappointed about that.  But still, she sounds good.  Oh please please please keep her until the finals!  PLEASE! 

Okay, I’ve never been crazy about Kristy Lee-Cook and now I’m using this opportunity to say one thing:  velvet pants ARE NO GOOD.  Come on, again, I know dressing up for the decade is normal… but this is like taking it a bit too far. 

Right, Amanda Overmyer was possibly the WORST dressed of the night.  What’s with the Cruella De Ville look?  Please, this girl needs a break.  She’s already scary-ish without the big hair and the awful pants.  Should we really add lime juice to the wound?  But then maybe some Indonesian Idol stylist did her costume and hair.  Who knows.

Alaina Whitaker is the perfect example of less is more. Nice blue dress.  And there goes Seacrest & Cowell again, without winks but now discussing the girl’s dress.  Are you guys trying to tell me something here? Because I’ve been told anyway, and still pretending nothing is going on.  I still love Cowell.

What is wrong with Alexandra Lushington’s PANTS?  Come on.  She looked like she was snatched from camp or got busted in a mallrat raid.  Maybe she met Chickezie on the way over and decided to add that hooded vest she grabbed at some further reductions sale rack.  

Kady Malloy looked good.  Liked her dress.  Liked her impersonations and such.  Hated the song.  She should just work as a voice artist and probably do some episodes for The Simpsons or Disney or something.  

The best-looking contestant of the night, ladies and gentlemen:  Asia’h Epperson.  Loved her hair extension and her high-waisted skirt.  She looked fantastic.  Her being sick is forgivable.  But again… after seeing her performance tonight I could only pray:  please please please please keep her to the finals.  Please. 

Ummm… It’s hard deciding which were the strong ones because the girls were not in their best, but I’ll try.

Top 3:  Syesha Mercado, Carly Smithson and Ramielle Malubay
Yellow Light:  My dearest Asia’h Epperson (oh please be careful, girl!), Amanda Overmyer
Outtie:  Bubye Kady and Alaina.  Perhaps Alexandra too.

  1. alexandra kebanjiran kali ya ^^”

  2. Ryan and Simon … well there’s a photo of them in a swimming pool, laughing and enjoying themselves (I never know britishman likes short guy hahaha)

    I honestly like amanda but there are times when her singing makes my ear bleeds

  3. puhhllleeeaaassseeee don’t tell me simon (and ryan) is gay..!!! PUHLEEASEEEE!!

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