Week 2 Guys’ Night on American Idol

In My American Idol Addiction on February 28, 2008 at 1:08 am

Okay before I write anything, I’m just gonna pretend to ignore Simon Cowell’s wink to Ryan Seacrest.  Hang on, let me get myself together.

Almost there…

Just a little bit more…

Okay.  I’ve found my peace, and no, Cowell’s not Seacrest’s love interest.  No. 

Right.  Phew.  Been reading too much Idol blogs that are saying that they are flirting.  NO.  Okay, cool it.

Here goes.

Michael Johns, can’t say much.  Simon might not be too crazy about him tonight, but to me he’s still GORGEOUS.

Jason Castro.  You know, whatever he sang, whatever Randy said… I still want to keep him in my room, in a corner to sing me lullabies every night.  Really, no sexual attraction there, but he’s as cute as a bunny.  A guitar-strumming bunny, that is.

If Luke Menard wants to be Freddie Mercury, he might as well be dead.  How dare!

Earth to Robbie Carico: Take That has an opening.  And since you have the same first name as that other dude, why doncha shave off those beards, cut that ugly hair and… you know… just BE?

I could’ve sworn Danny Noriega looked almost too pretty to be a punk rock singer.  Seriously, this kid should be offered a part in Ugly Betty as Justin’s boyfriend or something. 

David Hernandez was surprisingly great tonight.  But I can’t help to think that he might be possessed by some huge black lady when he sings um, maybe Aretha, and that’s why I love him tonight.  Wonder what Enrique Iglesias would think.

Okay, this is like a trip down memory lane.  I could just see myself back in high school, enjoying Long Train Running on some café in Kemang, downing a pitcher of beer along with my buddies and hoping that the café singer will throw that flirty smile once again at me because his face and voice were really gorgeous.  The difference is I’m now sitting in my room alone, smoking and hating Jason Yeager’s smile and voice and going “What is this dude still doing there?”.

Chickezie took the comments on that hideous orange suit really seriously, apparently, although he said he loved that suit (maybe he’s dating the fashion stylist or something).  Well tonight he looked like he just got back from the mall, didn’t have the time to change into a costume and just went onstage.  Thankfully he doesn’t sound as bad as last week. 

Watch out Michael Johns, because here comes David Cook.  I like his stage act and that guitar pick throwing thing.  And yeah he needed women’s vote, not Simon’s “opinions” that had nothing to do with the singing.  Sorry, Cowell, I might love you but this time I’d go with Cook.  It’s kinda refreshing to see a ‘manly’ comeback for a change.

Hey who knew Archuletta once sang before Kelly Clarkson in a hotel lobby?  That’s some clip.  Great job producers!  His rendition of “Imagine” is quite a bit over the top probably though, but he’s still melting the hearts of housewives and boy-crazy pre-teens everywhere.  So he’s safe to the finals, methinks.  By the way, what’s with Paula’s sicko comment opening?  She wanted to SQUISH his head?  Man.  Loony.

Top 3:  Archuletta, Hernandez, Cook
Yellow Light:  Johns, Castro, Chickezie
Outtie:  Yeager & Menard

  1. i too enjoyed this season of American Idol at this stage, although I could only view it after 10.30pm and after a full day’s work. It’s so competitive and exciting to watch (not necessarily a good way to wind down after work).hehehehehe.

    Let’s hope the good ones have more surprises up their sleeves for future eps and not peaked off too soon…..

    btw, please do not mistake the Englishman’s rather “soft” behaviour to be taken as sheer effeminate in nature, cos real English gentlemen do crossed their legs when they sit, and handle a tea cup with just 2 fingers on the handle, stirring only anti-clockwise without the clakkety-clank using a teaspoon. I cannot vouch for the “wink” though.

  2. Well, David Archuletta was definitely great but I’m not really into him, dunno maybe because he’s too young, too ‘perfect’, and too cute (one wink plus smile and he can get a lot of ‘kyaaaa’ and ‘ooohhhh’ from girls)

    Jason yeager … like his voice but not his singing. You know what, there’s something that I love from this ‘hunky’ dad if I am a gay. yep I ‘do’ him if I am a gay (too bad I’m not).

    In average : not a very exciting show plus … Simon what happened to you ? where’s your cruelty and blunt comment ?? why you didn’t even use any figures of speech ??

  3. cook and johns are my fave, im not crazy about archuletta though.
    and yes, noriega is so justin’s boyfriend or at least sidekick.

  4. J Van Thiel: humm… for now i’ll just think that Cowell has a weak eye muscle. HAHAHAA! feel better soon, sickie. it’s nature’s way to tell you to slow down.

    mikearmand: you’d do Yeager if you’re gay? AHAUAHAHUAHAHAHAKHKAKAKAKAKKK! you made my day!

    stella: hey you know i can’t wait until archulleta’s voice to break when he’s older. i think he’s gonna be boyband-ish. but more honest than that carico guy, obviously. 😀

  5. Yup, even real gays think that Yeager is a gay (from votefortheworst)

  6. i’d go for cook, if i’m betting anything. but then there’s the girls. ramielle, ayesha and asia’h are tough competitors. archuletta have got hugggeeee fan base though, but his voice isn’t bad. btw have you seen a pic of cook backstage doing one of his crossword puzzles? *slurp* teeehehehe. [me have a thing with guys in white plain tshirts.]

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