Quote of The Day

In Heartwarming on February 25, 2008 at 11:25 am

I know this isn’t a new quote, but this is indeed suitable for me today.

“Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt
and dance like you do when nobody’s watching.”

Yeah, sometimes you can just tell when somebody needs lifting up.  And badly.

  1. desperately need one
    but.. reality is too hard to be ignored 😦

  2. stella: i can totally relate to you. in my opinion, it’s time to BITE reality before it bites us. tough times eh?

  3. if i work like i don’t need the money, then no work will be done on time… you know… since i don’t need the money anyway. hehehe

  4. OR….u can always jump back unto my couch
    OR….u can come over and have some home-cooked pasta…
    OR….come over and stir fry some mushroom yourself…
    OR….pose for moi!

  5. bebe: or we can just pose for J Van Thiel here, since we don’t need the money! HAHAHAHAKAKKK!

    J Van Thiel: of all four offers, i am most interested in the last one. i bet you know this already. 😀

  6. “Write your thesis like you do not need to graduate on time”

    hmmm ….

  7. mikearmand: that goes hand in hand with ‘eat like you don’t need to be full’ HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  8. “dance like you do when nobody’s watching”

    i do that everyday…. 😉

    **and singing to :D**

  9. eh, maksudnya:
    and singing too…. :-p

  10. oh dear….you have grown up…..i used to know you when you would take the first option only…..and not take up the fourth….and dont tell me that you’d only pose when we are in Bali and feeling artistic and all that jazz….hahahahaha

  11. J Van Thiel: oh maestro, you know I’d pose ANYWHERE for you. but Bali does sound nice. and all that jazz indeed. by the way, i’m just playing ‘grown up’. you know me better than thaaaaattt 😀 HAHAHAHAHAKKAK!

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