First Cut on AI

In My American Idol Addiction on February 23, 2008 at 12:17 pm

I should say Ryan Seacrest pulled a rather brutal cut on Garrett Haley last night.  You know, I think I feel kinda sorry for Haley.  He’s a contestant with the lowest camera time compared to the others, and to have been eliminated in the virginal top 24 round is absolutely terrible.  And to make matters worse, the producers thought that it would add the suspense by kicking him off there and then.  Too bad for the little dude, but I can’t say I’m gonna remember which one he was after this anyway.

As for Paula Abdul’s new video done with Randy Jackson, I don’t know… I think she sounded like BRITNEY.  You know, whiny, electrified, effects everywhere.  The biggest mistake on this is showing it on American Idol where she judges people’s ability on singing.  But hey, come to think of it, of course she can’t say mean things to the contestants while she herself sounds average.  Or if I use Cowell’s words:  bordering on grotesque.  I’d rather watch our own Titi DJ performing live with Indra Lesmana.  At least she knows how to sing better than Abdul.


Amy Davis being cut off wasn’t a big surprise for me.   Like I said the night before, at least her performance gave me the chance to have prettier nails.  She looks boring, she sounds boring and keeping her in the show would have no point.

On to the next girl who got eliminated, Joanne Borgella.  I thought she deserved another chance, but America didn’t think so.  So okay, I’ll nod to that.  She could sing, but well, not good enough.  However, I think it’s cruel to put her side by side with Amanda Overmyer.  Or is the show beginning to be predictable?

And lastly, the guy with the white eyelashes… Colton Berry.  Simon Cowell was rather harsh, but I thought it was a good advice for Berry to find a decent job and starts singing as a hobby.  Harsh.  I hope Berry didn’t run to his room and cry or attempt suicide afterwards.

All in all, I think it was a good cutting session.  By the way, did anyone see Danny Noriega’s expression when Garrett Haley was cut?  He kinda looked like Cinta Laura with his pout, don’t you think?

  1. Wahahahaa Yeah Danny really looked like Cinta Laura.

    Colton, maybe he can be a stuntman or an impersonator of Ellen DeGeneres (why would she need one anyway ?)

    As for Colton, why would the judge even bother putting him on the top 24 anyway ?

  2. uh sorry that would be Garret that the judges shouldn’t even bother putting him on the top 24 (ugh what’s with my typing these days ??)

  3. mikearmand: it’s not your typing, because i too ask myself why colton and garrett were put there. hahahahahkhakkk 😀 and yeah, danny noriega looks like our CHINCHA, but the annoyance level is still a bit lower.

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