The Girls’ Night Onstage!

In My American Idol Addiction on February 22, 2008 at 1:32 am

Allright, let’s not talk much and get right on to business.

Kristy Lee Cook.  I never really liked this girl from the very beginning.  She looks so… staged.  Performing Aretha Franklin’s “Rescue Me”, she was definitely… plain.  The tank top was gorgeous, though.

Joanne Borgella, the plus-size model from New Jersey.  True that size doesn’t matter.  And what I mean by that is… being plus-sized doesn’t always mean that you’ll immediately sound like Lakisha or Aretha.  When you’re average, no matter how big you are, you’re just not big enough.

I have no complaints for Alaina Whitaker.  She reminded me of the first appearances of the now-married Katharine McPhee.  Definitely can do better.  Not my favorite, though.

Amanda Overmyer had attitude and I don’t mean being a queen like Chickezie.  Really I loved her style and like Randy, I dig the jeans!  The only thing that threw me off was her scatting.  It wasn’t really great.  But the rest of the performance is awesome.  Kinda worried that she won’t be able to sing other than rock, though.  I’d love to hear her try a jazzy number for a change.

Amy Davis was like a breeze.  Literally, she passed by me just like that.  Pretty forgettable but my nails now look better thanks to her performance that gave me a chance to finish up my home-made manicure.

Ah on to the piano-playing goodie two shoes, Brooke White.  I don’t particularly find her performance special.  In fact I kinda didn’t like it.  She did way better in Hollywood week with the piano and stuff.

I like Alexandra Lushington’s new hair, but I have to agree with Mr. Cowell.  I just didn’t get that at all.  Seriously, the falsetto was annoying.

Kady Malloy had a great dress, and that, coming from a “brown hater” is indeed a compliment.  I never liked the color brown but she pulled it off.  Loved the sequined straps and am thinking to get myself one of those in TopShop.  What?  The performance?  Oh, did she perform at all?  Ah, so that’s where the boring “Groovy Kind of Love” sound came from.  Sorry I didn’t notice.  I was busy wanting her gorgeous dress and chuckling over her Britney Spears impression.
Now finally a performance I was hooked on.  I’ve been in love with Asia’h Epperson’s voice and personality since day one.  Loved her performance tonight and especially loved her hair!  And if we’re talking star quality, then Asia’h is bursting with it.  I imagine it would be fantastic if she’s up in the top three with…

…Ramiele Malubay.  Simon Cowell was wrong not to be crazy about her.  Maybe he’s afraid Ramiele would turn into another Jasmine Trias.  After all the controversy back then, Ms. Trias didn’t turn out too shabby at all.  At least not in the Philippines.  I used to be kinda “scared” when listening to Nadia Turner’s version of “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”, but Ramiele made it lovely yet still intense.  Hands down, one of the strongest contestants in the season.

Syesha Mercado is pretty, tall, stylish and most importantly, a good singer.  Note that I said “good” instead of “great”.  Her high notes are annoying at times, but still she has a good voice.  She kinda reminded me of Nadia Turner, though.

And last but not least we have Carly Smithson.  Why didn’t I like her tonight?  Hm… maybe because she seemed confused at the end albeit the great finale.  But no, I guess she seemed disturbed.  Still, she’s one of the best vocals tonight (yeah of course, she HAD an album once) and I’d keep her for the top 12.

Top 3:  Asia’h Epperson, Ramiele Malubay, Carly Smithson
Bottom 3:  Amy Davis, Kady Malloy,  Brooke White (I wanna put Kristy Lee Cook, but I can only put three names. Yeah stupid rule. My bad)
Yellow Light:  Syesha Mercado, Joanne Borgella, Kristy Lee Cook.

Can’t wait for the results tomorrow night!

  1. Ah the cute, sweet, but powerful Ramiele …

    I have to agree with Simon about kady malloy, the performance was like ‘night of the living dead’

    Anyway, the girls were better than the boys in average

  2. mikearmand: yep. Ramiele is classy. and i agree with you, the girls are somewhat better than the boys this year. although it’s too early to say… my top 4 favorite performers are Asia’h Epperson, Ramiele Malubay, Jason Castro and Michael Johns. they should stay until the finals!

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