Top 12 Boys Of The New Season

In My American Idol Addiction on February 20, 2008 at 9:40 pm

Right. It’s time again to comment on AI season 7’s top 24 and on to the first 12. It’s the guys’ night and I was eager to see some good performances. Here goes.

David Hernandez started the show with a song that’s quite often heard in the competition. “In The Midnight Hour” failed to entertain me as this guy looked like he just stepped into a gas chamber. The voice? Not so bad. But he’s got an eerie resemblance to Enrique Iglesias sans the mole. Wait, Mr. Iglesias have got that removed as well. So yeah, it’s just weird.

Next we have an eyesore, pardon my language, Chikezie Eze. Dude come on, ORANGE? I know it’s kinda normal to want to dress for the decade, but please. Do consider people’s sight. Seriously. And what’s with the attitude? I thought Danny Noriega would be the queen of the competition. I think he’s not gonna be the only one. Guess Mr. Cowell slapped not only Mr. Eze, but those bunch of stylists backstage who by now have probably gotten a mouthful from the Barry White wannabe. The voice isn’t bad, though.

David Cook appeared next and all I remember was that he picked up the mic stand and went all ‘rocker-y’. Okay. Not much there.

Next up we have Jason Yeager who, if I scream at him, would probably run to a corner and cry. And what’s with the styled-up son? Big hair on a little boy? Man, the dad was so boring that I was wishing the camera to sweep across the son to make sure the kid wasn’t wearing a hairpiece.

I expected Robbie Carrico to be more like Bo Bice in terms of voice material, but he sounded no better than Yeager. I think behind that “rocker” look, he actually fits the criteria to fill in Robbie William’s place in Take That.

David Archuletta… hm. Can’t seem to make up my mind about this kid. He’s too sweet my tooth aches. But he’s got a huge huge voice and girls will like him. So yeah, let’s wait for some girl to cry seeing him perform in the finals. Good thing he doesn’t have a Sanjaya-ish hair problem.

I got the creeps seeing Danny Noriega in his way too skinny pants. Really. And to perform the King’s Jailhouse Rock like that? Um… nope. Nope. It’s just wrong. I liked Noriega in the auditions, but this time it’s a nay and not a yay. But way to go on the snapping back. That’ll put Chikezie in his place.

Luke Menard. Um which one was that again? Oh, the one with the hooded jacket? Yeah. I don’t have a lot to say as I was busy eating my dinner.

While Luke Menard helped me halfway through dinner, Colton Berry gave me a chance to finish up my dessert. Boring.

I’m no Neil Sedaka fan, but I’ve always liked this Idol-ish song: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Now this made me have to look at Garret Haley’s performance which was not THAT good but was not THAT bad. Again, my views might be impaired to my liking the song. But to be on the serious side, I have to agree with Mr. Cowell. This guy looks nothing like Peter Frampton. He looked like he’s been tortured domestically. And get that hair off your face, dude. You look like Carole King or some other 70’s reject.

Ah to see a hippie with a guitar, singing a song called “Daydream”. Loving Jason Castro’s voice and although I never go for guys with dreadlocks, there’s nothing dreadful about him. Just lovely. Can’t wait to see what he has in store next week.

And finally, okay, falling for Simon Cowell’s British accent might just be my case in the beginning of the season, but as the show rolls on… I guess I’m open for Aussie accent as well. Let’s just put it this way, I had a huge crush on Constantine Maroulis a couple of seasons back. Now it’s Michael Johns. And that’s because he doesn’t f*ck with the camera as often as Maroulis, and he sounds way better. HAHA!

Top 3 – Michael Johns, Jason Castro and David Archuletta.
Bottom 3 – Jason Yeager, Luke Menard, Colton Berry.
Yellow Light – Chikezie Eze, David Cook, Danny Noriega.

Yep. Let’s wait for the ladies tomorrow night 😉

  1. As much as I like this show, I’m getting frustrated with it due to the number of ‘plants’ (meaning a-not-so-raw-talent). I don’t know exactly who, but like that Robbie guy… he used to date Britney Spears and was in a boyband. David Archuletta, won the Star Search. Etc… etc… most of them are not new to the recording studio or music industry. Not fair to the undiscovered ones like that guy who lives in his car but didn’t make it to the Top 24.

  2. dinysays: oh really??? wow, i have yet to know that! hmmm… guess i gotta get into the hype deeper then. hey it’s the similar thing that happened in amazing race asia. 7 out of the 10 teams consists of celebrities in their respective homeland. so i’m not as surprised as i thought i would be if american idol starts using the same formula. maybe it’s a sign that they are actually tired of doing reality shows. which is good because i kinda long for a real good tv after watching all those “reality shows”. you know, where the guys are hunky, the girls are (eugh) skinny and love is in the air as opposed to some whiny kid who’s bratty enough to seek independence by living in a car. HAHAHHAKAKKK!

    the only thing i think is still real in AI is my dearest Mr. Cowell.


  3. he he he, simon is brutally honest but that’s good; while paula always sound like she’s high on drugs or something, her comments are usually not making any sense ;p

  4. the only thing i think is still real in AI is my dearest Mr. Cowell.

    and his silicone-free man-boobs? 🙂 I love Cowell too. Acting like a crabby him totally made the process of canceling my gym much much MUCH faster and easier. Not friendlier, but who cares, really?

    Anyway, yeah, there are some “controversies” surrounding the Idol hopefuls this year. FYI, it’s not “most of them”. Last time I heard, it’s (only?) five of them. But I do think that “most of them” have had their audition tapes sent to recording companies. It made the news like crazy because we haven’t had naughty pictures a la Antonella Barba zombiefied on the internet yet. I bet Archuleta has some.

    It’s not like that they have a huge groupies to start with, so I think it’s only fair. Remember Joy whatsherface from Indodol? *grin* What’s not fair for me is how the producers choose to show some contestants and not the others.

  5. zakky: dude! welcome back! in fact, i’d like to welcome my fellow idol watchers into the new season of happy happy idol-blogging. cowell’s man-boobs are *can’t believe i’m about to say this*… YUM. HAHAHAHAKAHKKAK!

    i don’t really care about them already having a record deal, truthfully. why, because looking for a diamond in the rough is doable, but actually finding one is almost impossible. and when you do find one, who knew that years after the day of finding, that diamond would wear a ghastly dress and sport an ugly ugly hairdo to the grammys. yes fantasia, i’m talking about you. so i guess let all the archulletas, kristy mcwhatsherface and the rest of the ‘professional’ idol-to-be compete. at least we’ll see a better scenery and hear a better set of voice… and hopefully better stories and dramas behind the scenes that perez hilton would be chasing after.

    afterall, that’s where the REAL fun for us is, right?


  6. Ah michael Johns still the best anyway …

    Simon, Paula Randy, get real please, from 12 only about 3 guys that can actually sing

    And yeah some of them have serious attitude problems

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