My Love For Cable

In TV Talk on February 16, 2008 at 2:03 am

If there’s one thing I can’t miss for a day beside the morning and pre-bed phone calls from Mr. Boyfriend, it’s TV and I mean my beloved cable.

I’ve kinda given up on local TV for quite some time now.  The only things I watch on local TV are news (and put METRO TV on that, please) and that funny funny game show “Hole In The Wall”.  I’ve given up on the rest, well of course I’ll make an exception whenever Ms. Laura is on-screen, giving Indonesians a lesson on how to pronounce English words the right way.  She’s far more entertaining than Anton Hilman, Nisrina Nur Ubay or any “English” teachers ever aired in Indonesian television.

And that is why I am thankful for cable TV.  Star World, Discovery Travel and Living, AXN, Star Movies, HBO, Cinemax… and I just have to get a dosage of E! News everyday.  Sure I watch CNN when something really big is going on, like that shooting thing in Illinois, or when Benazir Bhutto was shot, or FOX News when I want to know where Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama is now, and yes I also watch Nat Geo and Discovery Channel (when there are only stupid wrestling shows on Star World, crappy countdowns on E!, so-called box office movies -which I am so certain never was a box office- on Star Movies and HBO, that old dude Floyd on Travel and Living and some C-movie on Cinemax).  As for Animal Planet, I only watch it whenever there’s no snake in sight and penguins are everywhere!

Anyway, I just feel like noting down some of the shows I’ve been watching recently along with some comments.

1.  The Amazing Race Asia – It’s clear why I watched it, because I simply love it.
2.  American Idol – Uh huh, because I love Simon Cowell.
3.  Grey’s Anatomy – I never watched it so intently and I think the girl who plays Meredith has such a depressed face, but the story development in the last three weeks made me crave for more.  And I’m just gonna ignore that Dr. Yang’s horse-face, because she’s a good character.  Been surfing through some websites and it’s said everywhere that Dr. Yang won’t marry Dr. Burke.  Yeh, kinda guessed it because she just doesn’t look like she wants to marry him.
4.  Boston Legal – Now this is the one drama I never watch regularly, but every time I do it cracks me up.  Long gone are the days of L.A. Law because that dude from Star Trek is a  lawyer now and Jimmy Smits can’t beat him.  Ol’ Jimmy should just stay in NYPD, being blue, than play lawyers.  Oh and I love the reincarnation of Murphy Brown by Candice Bergen.
5.   Last Comic Standing – The jokes are funny, but the reality show amazingly SUCKS. What will happen if a bunch of comics stay in on house?  I guess the answer is pretty obvious: a terrible show.  But then I still like that cowboy’s joke about who first found out that eggs are edible.
6.  Forbes top 100 Richest People in Television – It’s a known fact that Oprah will always be number one.  So who cares anymore?
7.  Little Child Actors All Grown Up – Bo-ring.
8.  Kimora Life in The Fab Lane – probably the most entertaining show to watch how a demanding bitch live her fabulous life.  I wanna be like her.  HAHA!
9.  Jamie’s School Kitchen – Well, essentially it’s Jamie Oliver and whether you put him in a school kitchen, a soup kitchen, a posh restaurants’ kitchen or some crappy barbecue party, he’s still Jamie who we, women, will always adore.  Who knew that lisps could be so sexy?
10.  Nigella Feasts – I absolutely LOVE her.  Pretty, soothing voice, not ashamed to eat and has a curvy (read: not thin) body that shows her love for food!  And mark my words, I always drool whenever she cooks something.  Even the desserts, bearing in mind that I’m never too crazy about desserts and sweets.
11. The Office -I just can’t wait for the next season.  Seriously.  I want Pam and Jim to hook up real bad.
13.  The Bold and The Beautiful – Now I don’t normally watch this soap, but it was only a few days ago when I caught a glimpse of Constantin Maroulis acting as a singer in it.  Can somebody confirm that this is true because right now I’m too drowsy to browse.
14. L.A. Ink – I love tattoo shows as they make me want to get a tattoo.  But I can’t think of the pain.  It must be horrible.  Lemme check with Kat Von D.

Man, there’s a lot more shows I’d like to comment on, but my eyes -thanks to that 45 minutes on cross trainer- is way too heavy right now, so I’m gonna sleep.

Don’t go away now, we’ll be back right after thizzzz…

  1. Great that Hole In The Wall is a must-watch for you! There’s more where that come from…..
    And by the way, you are living the Kimora’s lifestyle…
    And I guess the very reason Ms Pompeo is playing Meredith is her face….as if she is forever forsaken…
    And last but not least, do tune in to the BBC on your cable, if ever you miss any bit of english as it ought to be spoken…truly refeshing way of reporting as well!

  2. J Van Thiel: yep it’s a must watch. me and my office mates always crack up whenever the contestants try to form an impossible position. so funny! about Kimora’s… i don’t think so. the demanding is kinda right, but i’m lacking in fabulosity if compared to her. Ellen Pompeo sucks, and McDreamy isn’t dreamy. but i like the rest of the cast. and BBC? yea i guess i have to start tuning in because our friend Mr. Greenstone is hosting his own show now. i wonder if they’d air it here 😀 (he sent me some sound clips and the show is pretty funny!)

  3. Well, surprisingly (not!) most of your favorite shows are also mine.

    I really love grey just because somehow it’s relaxing and relieving, the story is just flowing, not too thrilling (compared to our crappy and sappy drama). BTW, I think it’s kinda spoiler but the reason Dr. Yang won’t marry Dr. burke is that because Isaiah Washington quits the show (and yeah I used to hate Christina’s face but the character is just amazing)

    Do you know that Star World will have ‘Aare you smarter than the 5th grade’ on March ? another great show (what about my thesis now…)

  4. mikearmand: 😀 sorry if i spoiled that for ya. but really, i still can’t wait to see the episode. as for your thesis, why doncha write about tv shows? think of all the fun research! 😀

  5. oh, and yes i can’t wait for that game show!

  6. I’m a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy.. Love the it from the 1st episode, yeah..

    I love No Reservation Anthony Bourdain in Discovery Travel & Living, and I prefer Miami Ink than LA Ink, cos Miami is the original one.

    Btw, it’s so fun watching Kimora eh… 😉

  7. hey, how bout the Discovery Channel, Nat Geo and Asian Food CHannel? those are my favorites… thought you like them too???
    oh, and seinfeld… never miss seinfeld hehehe

    any of you watched Psych? what hapened to that show?

  8. ecky: yea i like Miami Ink too, but the jazzed up LA Ink isn’t bad. and yes, Kimora’s life is fabulous. but i wouldn’t want a boss like her, though. HAHAHAKA!

    bebe: well i do like them *gulp*. HAHHKAHKAK 😀 yeah never miss seinfeld. now that’s one show i really like! i think psych went down the drain for not being funny enough. don’t you think?

  9. Emmm I really need help here

    I am currently writing my thesis , ‘The figures of speech used by Simon Cowell on American idol season 6’

    Now, the problem is that I am required to have the videos (I use the top 12) or at at least the transcriptions. i can’t seem to find the videos anywhere these days so if you happen to know where to download the videos or the transcriptions please inform me. I didn’t download the videos back then because I wasn’t sure whether my topic would be accepted or not.

    FYI, I took notes of Simon every criticisms last season but since I didn’t have cable TV back then, I watched from RCTI which was crappy since they cut a lot to save time.

    Since you’re also a (cable) TV addict, I thought you can help me …

  10. mikearmand: hummm… why don’t you try rickey.org? that dude is a serious tv watcher and i’ve gotten some performance videos from the past. maybe you can search through his archives. or you can check my favorite ai blog at americanmidolblog.com they put some serious quotes there hahaha… but sure i’ll be happy to note down what simon says if i catch them 😀

  11. mike, you seriously writing your thesis about that? that’s interesting, what do you study?
    try youtube.com.

  12. After three seasons, we will know for sure, why Pompeo was cast as Dr. Meredith Grey.

    Oh, and Miund, WHAT ABOUT PROJECT RUNWAY????

    Sorry. Behaving starts now.

  13. thx guys, yep since last year I’ve been jolting down evey single Simon’s comments (that’s when my favorite show became slightly annoying0

  14. i always see grey’s anatomy as a more serious version of ally mcbeal, character-wise. maybe it’s just because of there was ling and there is yang. great music tho’.
    cooking programs – how about kylie kwong with all of her greasy chinese? YUM.
    point #11 – totally agree! if there’s a petition or something i would gladly sign it.

    yeah miund, what about project runway? hahahaha.

  15. Zakky: Project Runway eh? i like that show, but i’ve never been able to catch the airing time! i don’t really know why, but i’ve never could quite memorize the hours on Travel and Living. i usually just go with the flow. hahahahaha!

    mpew: yeah great ballads on grey’s. kylie kwong is nice to watch and the food is yummy, but i couldn’t love her like i love nigella. but if there’s no nigella around, then she’ll be my favorite female tv cook.

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