Hollywood Weaklings And My Favorites ;)

In My American Idol Addiction on February 15, 2008 at 2:19 am

I’ve always loved American Idol.  Especially now that I’ve declared my crush on Simon Cowell publicly.  HAHA.

But then after I watched the season 7 Hollywood Week episode, I’d have to say… I feel like watching some sappy show.  Yeah yeah we need the ‘drama’, but I think this year there’s a wee bit too much tears.  I mean, I expected something really funny like that bit they did with the tone deaf cowboys from two seasons ago.  You know?  Or is it really that this year they only managed to get crybabies?

And no, I don’t think Simon was being evil.  *teteeeppp*

I’m quite happy with the top 24, especially seeing my favorites: Asia’h Epperson, Syesha Mercado, the rocker: Amanda Overmyer, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns and that kid, Danny Noriega in the lineup.  So glad that finally the judges came out of the fog and eliminated that annoying kid called Josiah.  I mean, he’s got a nice story, but I just can’t seem to hear niceness come out of his voice.  Yeah the Brit accent was adorable at first, but it got really annoying when he got rid of the band only to sing terribly.  Good thing he’s gone, otherwise he’ll be another Sanjaya Malakar.

About my favorites… well gotta say I fell in love with Asia’h Epperson’s voice and story since the first audition.  Syesha Mercado was a bit ordinary at first, but seeing how she pulled through in Hollywood week, I think she deserves the chance.  As for Amanda Overmyer, what can I say:  FEMALE DAUGHTRY!  Yeah!  Carly Smithson’s voice is really really sexy, but has anybody noticed that she always has a greenish blue tongue whenever she sings?  Has she been gulping down lucky green Irish mints?  I’ll never know, and as long as they do her good, it’s fine.

And the male contestants… actually I kinda like that guy Chikezie Eze, but I’ll have to wait until the top 24 show starts next week before I could really decide.  Danny Noriega amazes me, although he reminds me a lot of Ugly Betty’s nephew, Justin.  He sounds good, but I am so very very afraid he’ll turn Sanjaya-ish in the middle of the competition.  Let’s hope that won’t happen.

On to my eye candy of the season… Mr. Michael Johns.  He is one hot dude.  Well, not hotter than Mr. Cowell, of course.  But hot enough to keep me watching and wishing America will open its eyes wider and listen better because we might have a winner here.  Loved the Bohemian Rhapsody bit because not many people can sing the song.  Almost slipped at the end notes, but still really good.

Right.  Now Paula Abdul.  Jesus, what is WRONG with this lady?

She always goes with Randy Jackson’s opinion and I am sick of it.  I’d like her to agree with Simon Cowell and disagrees with Randy once in a while.  Or probably throw in her own opinion, if she can, that is.  But her costumes are better this year.  Let’s just hope it continues on until the finale night.

Randy Jackson is the same every year.  Kindhearted and firm at the same time.  I think he’s the one who should be sitting in the middle.

And Ryan Seacrest.  Still a hottie, too bad I don’t go for short guys.

Anyways, I’m looking forward for the top 24 performances and I know who I’ll be rooting for.  TARA 2 ends, and from one junkie to another, it means ON TO THE NEXT ADDICTION!


  1. I do like Michael Johns (I have crush on ‘non-american accent’) and for the girls, i love that Filipino girl (reymiel something).

    I agree, Josiah was truly annoying, he ran out from his parents, and he turned out to be a snobby boy who did not want to accept reality (he left school).

    BTW, do you know that Carly Smithson has already recorded an album before AI ?

  2. You know what, sometimes I prefer to watch the audition tapes than watch the final show.. More real entertainment than the singing itself.

    But still I love Simon Cowel… That Brit accent + his bluntnesses is a perfect combination :))

    So how’s the progress for Simon Cowel’s fans club?

  3. on behalf of all the spunky short guys, i just want to say that you broke our hearts with your statement “too bad i dont go for short guys”.

  4. mikearmand: hey, is michael johns by any chance cousins with Silverchair’s Daniel Johns? he’s Australian, right? about carly smithson, well i don’t know about her. but i know that christy lee-jones did. she even has a website already!

    ecky: ahahahhahaa! let’s make ourselves t-shirts! HAHAHA!

    J Van Thiel: hey, you’re not short. in your planet, you’re the tallest! HAHAHAHAHKAHAKHAKAKAKAKKAKAK! omg, you just made my day 😀

  5. Hmm just checked Christy’s website. I don’t know about this, if she has an album already why was her ‘main weapon’ only ‘amazing grace’ ? I mean it was proven that she wasn’t too good singing another song, but ‘amazing grace’ put her through.

    I am sure about Carly’s album since I checked it on Wikipedia last night complete with the cover with the album, but it seems the page has been moved

  6. Well, yes Danny Noriega is good but he’s just way too ‘swishy’ and es he also reminds me of Justin from Ugly Betty combined with Marc

  7. mikearmand: well maybe just maybeeee… her album consists of ‘amazing grace’ in many versions. HAHAHHAHAHAHAA! as for Danny Noriega… not yet Marc, but heading there. i’m fine with it as long as he doesn’t copy Marc’s curly “poodle” ‘do. 😀

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