A Series of Congratulations!

In Me Likey, My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on February 15, 2008 at 1:46 am

Although it started quite bumpy, I have a series of congratulations to deliver to the following:

1.  Adrian & Collin of Singapore.  You guys rock.  I knew I picked the right team to root for!  Once again, it’s proven that so-called ‘disabilities’ won’t stop anyone who has determination.  Best team ever on TARA.  Quiet, determined and focused.  Loved how you played the game right to the end.  I wonder what you guys will do with the $100,000.  Whatever it will be, I am sure it will be good 😀

2.  Pam & Van.  Great job on the radio assembling, and great race in the sand dunes.  Pretty girls don’t have to be dumbos, and you both have shown that.  No dumb blonde moments and coming in second ain’t that shabby!

3.  Marc & Rovilson.  Loving you both.  Coming in third is okay, I think, since you guys have all those goodies from coming in first in all the other legs.  I’m still envious of that Africa trip prize!

4.  Allan Wu.  Thank you for being so cute and adorable all through season 2.  Can’t wait to see ya again on season 3.  Keep the haircut!

5.  And finally, my favorite guy:  Michael McKay.  I’m not sorry that I bitched a lot about the contestants selection because most of them sucked anyway.  But thank you for the great finalists and the awesome finale.  And thank God I gave the show a chance after all those annoying contestants.  I have to say, the final 3 teams were the best racers ever!  Surely, I can’t wait for the next season to air.  Oh, and nice Vaio built-in on the museum task, although my favorite moment of this season’s race was the charity house-painting by Standard Chartered.  That was very touching and yes that was great TV as it brought tears to my eyes.  Hope you do these sort of things again on the next season.  I loved it.  Seriously.

Aahhh… and now I’ll have to check whether I won the SMS contest because I predicted that the Singaporeans will win.  So fingers crossed, I might… just might win one of those fine Sony goodies! HAHAHA!

Cheers to TARA 2.  I didn’t think I’ll ever say that after watching the first 3 episodes, but I knew I’d say that after watching the last 3 episodes.

Funny how the show, like the race itself, turns the table sometimes. Ah, reality shows.  As unreal as they are, I still love them.  Yeah.  They’re way way better than some Indian guy talking about Bollywood to non-Bollywood audience and bore us to our bones.

Yes Karan, I am talking about your Krappy Koffee show.  EUGH!

  1. Reality shows … they are always emotional

    Love this episode, incredible and breath-taking. We know now who’s got brain and brawn and who’s only got brawn.
    Anyway, what’s the deal with the ‘read one paragraph assignments’ ?

  2. Damn I missed the final show! But I agreed with you, the 3 finalists are the best team on the race.

  3. mikearmand: i think it’s something compulsory from the museum. but it’s nice to know the history of the place, right? 😀

    ecky: they’ll be re-running it again on Sunday. no worries there! 😀

  4. Hurrah for Singapore! First it’s Asian Idol. Now the Amazing Race Asia…..don’t u just love Singaporeans!

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