To The Finals, Teams!

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on February 8, 2008 at 1:19 am

Again, I know I bitched a lot about this season’s Amazing Race Asia.  But when it’s good, I should say it’s good.  So after whiny teams, annoyingly bickering couples and a disappointment from our Indonesian team who got eliminated pretty early, I summed up the whole race into a list of thoughts as follows:

1.   I am quite surprised on the country selections.  The race has taken off beyond Asia, and I have to admit the countries are indeed amazing places.  Congratulations!

2.  Adrian and Collin never ceases to amaze me as well.  Compared to Marc and Rovilson, these two are really a quiet pair and sometimes appear expressionless.  But their physique are indeed made for the race, and I like their attitude.  Sometimes very strategic and they don’t hesitate to take the ‘darker route’ (remember Korea race?), but generally they are quite great sports. I’m keeping my promise to root for them as they are now in the top three.  Go Singapore!

3.  Allan Wu gets cuter and cuter in every pitstop.  Or maybe the locals beside him simply put him in brighter light?  You know, the only local greeter that was quite memorable was the screaming Maori.  Was it Maori?  Well whatever, that guy from New Zealand.  The rest, apart from the gorgeous local costumes, were easily forgettable.

4. Pam and Vanessa.  What can I say about these two except for… YOU GO GIRLS!  Loving their sibling chemistry, although until now I really can’t tell which is Pam and which is Van.  They look so much alike!

5.  Ah finally to the eye candies of the show… the lovely Marc and Rovilson.  I underestimated these two at the very beginning, but really, they turned out to be the best-behaving team.  The thing about these two, I think, is that they are so used to being on camera that they do camera-worthy stuff all the time.  Especially Rovilson, who sometimes outshine his partner, but that’s ok.  We need that (and they do know when to tone things down to avoid it being blah).  And seeing that they are the hardest competitors to my Singapore boys, I hereby choose to… ROOT FOR THEM AS WELL.  AHA!

So Michael McKay, up until tonight, you kept the promise of good races.  Great selection of top 3 finalists -actually the top 4 is already a great bunch-, great destinations and now I am waiting for an excellent finals!

  1. Ah finally the long-awaited post ….

  2. Anyway, I really don’t care who’s going to win since all of them deserve the title.

  3. Well thank you, I’m so pleased you are enjoying the series.
    I’ll be interested to see what you think of the finale, I do hope you enjoy it.
    Regards, Michael

  4. mikearmand: yep, the right winners already, aren’t they? i’d be pissed if the Hong Kong couples (girls and boy-girl) made it through.

    Michael McKay: well hello there! yes i’ve been enjoying the race as you can see from my posts. i now can’t wait until Thursday to see the finale. will post my thoughts as soon as i see it. and thank you for stopping by again 😉

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