Simon Cowell. I Heart You.

In Celebrity Talk, My American Idol Addiction on February 7, 2008 at 8:04 pm

I’ve been quite ADD-ish about my TV show preference these days.  Mikearmand thinks I’ve given up on The Amazing Race Asia, and having not written anything about it for quite some time, he’s right to think so.  But truthfully, I’ve got a lot to digest.  American Idol?  I never missed an episode of it, yet I’ve not written anything about it either.   And seeing my past posts and special tags I’ve created to devote my addictions to them, I too question myself: why?

Well why, maybe it’s because when I’m fed too much good shows, I just become lazy.

So I owe it to this blog to share my thoughts on the newest American Idol season, and after all the audition episodes they’ve aired, I can summarize them all into one indulgent sentence.

I am having a huge crush on Simon Cowell.

There people, it’s out in the open.  Been years since I’ve watched this show, been commenting here and there, been trashing Paula… but yes, I admit it now.  I’d even audition just for a chance to give him a hug (and probably get a whiff of his cologne).  George Clooney, you’ve been my one and only, being so freaking handsome and peace-loving and all… but I think the wind blows to Britain right now.  You’re still on the top two, though.

To those who might be wondering, here are the reasons why I love Simon Cowell:

1.  Mega cute, no need to explain much here because I have excellent taste when it comes to men.
2.  I just always love guys who everybody hates.  Can’t help it.
3.  The British accent is VERY SEXY.
4.  Um yeah, older men on TV makes me salivate.

He might wear the same boring t-shirts, throws snide and rude comments to contestants… but I love love love it when he winks and calls people “sweetheart”.

What?  Oh yeah, the contestants.  Ah they’re all good.  I just wish that girl whose dad just passed away goes through to the top ten.  She deserves it, her voice is very very good.  And um, I hope that country singer who has apparently released an album, just move over and give an unknown hopeful a chance.

Will be blogging more on AI as soon as Hollywood Week is on.  Besides, too much names makes me very confused so I’m going general.  Just hang on to your seats.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna practice my British accent and not waste anymore time writing rubbish.  HA!

  1. Yup that British accent is just sexy (um, it’s kinda weird for me to say that).

    BTW, I think Simon is the most honest judge among the three. If your singing sucks then so be it. Simon is the right man to give all of us a good reality check.

    So then, go practice your Britich accent, Off You Go !

  2. my dear Miund….if you had ever been to London or thereabouts, you’d hear almost every old man (in the near likeness of Mr Cowell) calling a young girl “sweetheart”. It has become a figure of speech, just like you’d quaintly hear “mba” in this rustic part of the world, I presume.

    As far as the British accent is concerned, it has to be accompanied by the right array of words, too. It is certainly more than mere phonetics and articulation.

    I do wish, upon my Harrod’s marmalade jar, you well on this endeavour of yours….although I secretly know (and downright disappointed on your behalf)that it is not going to get you the right lad your heart may be longing for…it is undoubtedly your killer of an exotic javanese charm in the mix of your westernised outlook that is the intrinsic lure to your true self….why, play it up at its full volume my dear and see what the tide shall bring….


  3. mikearmand: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH! off i go indeed.

    J Van Thiel: ok dude, thank you for making my tea came out my nostrils. you are the only one who knew my secret of failing to get Prince William thus my move to Mr. Cowell. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! oh man, just SHUSH! SHUSH! 😀

  4. He’s got posh accent which makes you melt when you hear it. He’s rude and blunt, he doesn’t feel the need to please people, he doesn’t care what he says will hurt others, but strangely enough, we think he’s funny and charming.

    I love him too…

  5. I’m agree with Mike. 🙂
    Well i think Simon Cowel is the most jugde in reality show.
    He said yes for fabulous show and said no for worse!
    However he’s a cute old man in reality show with sexy Britisih accent!
    Go Simon!

  6. I wish that I was born in London …

  7. Anita: let’s form a fanclub then. HAHAHAHAHA! please note that i am totally kidding. (or not, up to you) heeheee 😀

    gossipgirl: he’s not an old man! he’s a hot fox! 😀

    mikearmand: ah don’t we all? 😀

  8. i wish I was born in Bali!

  9. Count me in for Simon Cowel Fan’s club. Love him since the 2nd season.

  10. For the same reasons, guys don’t like SC. He’s full of himself, he’s a stuck-up, snob, middle-age man who wears his t-shirt 2 sizes too small, with the same model but different colors.

    Are we insane? 🙂

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